GMB sends Philippa Tomson to boot camp

It's hosted musical legends from The Beatles to Kanye West, but the Hollywood Bowl in California has started staging a new act - and it's less about moving to the beat, more about moving your feet.

Fitness fanatics have taken over the new world famous venue and turned it into a boot camp.

GMB sent Philippa Tomson to be put through her paces. Go girl!

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Hip hop gran becomes internet sensation

I'm not too old to dance to rap

– Grooving gran Lillian Thomas

A 92-year-old great-great-grandmother has become an internet sensation after her grandson posted a video of her online dancing to rap music.

Lillian Thomas, from Bolton, says she doesn't care if anyone thinks she's too old to dance to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

The video has been viewed more than two million times.

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Parents wrongly accused of abuse fight for child

It's heartbreaking, we just want our child back

– Parents fight to regain custody of their adopted child

A couple who were wrongly accused of abusing their baby have been talking about the agonising fight to reunite their family.

Karissa Cox and Richard Carter have launched a legal bid to regain custody of the child who was adopted before they were cleared of any wrongdoing.