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Showbuzz: The BGT couple that never was?

Amanda Holden has revealed there's always been some serious chemistry between her and her Britain's Got Talent boss Simon Cowell - and that if it wasn't for their partners they would probably be together! Can you imagine it?

Meanwhile, today's Showbuzz brings you news of fresh music from one of the One Direction boys and which former high profile X Factor judge is returning to the panel?

George and Larry Lamb cycle into our studio!

They've cycled the length of the country, through some of the UK's best cycle routes - but father-son duo George and Larry Lamb made their final stop in the Good Morning Britain studio.

The pair discussed their exciting new TV series, Britain By Bike, which gives viewers an insight into their comical relationship as they explore the UK's National Parks.

Watch Larry and George play a game of Silence of the Lambs!

Watch the full interview above

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How old is too old to be a dad?

Billy Joel has revealed he is going to be a father for the third time, aged 68. The musician already has a two year old and a 31-year-old daughter.

This morning we debated the pros and cons of being an older dad with Peter Stringfellow, who’s had two children in his 70s and wouldn't change it for the world.

Watch the full discussion above.

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The cost of childcare for young children in England has increased up to seven times faster than wages over the past few years, according to a TUC report. The study shows that the average pay of parents with a one-year-old child has risen by 12 percent between 2008 and 2016, while childcare costs shot up by 48 percent. We’ll be discussing the eye-watering childcare bills in more detail during the show.

  2. Storm Brian is expected to batter parts of the UK on Saturday with winds of up to 50mph. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for the strong southwesterly winds in England and Wales. The wild weather, caused by a "weather bomb" over the Atlantic Ocean, may cause coastal flooding and affect transport.

  3. Model Penny Lancaster bravely revealed how she was sexually assaulted as a teenager. On ITV’s Loose Women, the 46-year-old alleged how her drinks had been spiked and the next thing she remembered was waking up face down on a bed with an industry professional on top of her. She said: “Like in the series Liar, my drink was drugged and I can't remember much of what happened. I just know he was on top of me enjoying the experience, but I certainly wasn't. I don't remember much more.”

  4. The British Film Institute has withdrawn Hollywood’s movie producer Harvey Weinstein's Fellowship honour, in the wake of the sexual assault allegations made against him by over 40 women in the industry. The institute said allegations of his "appalling conduct" are in "direct opposition to the BFI's values".

  5. Billy Joel revealed he’s going to be a father for the third time, aged 68. The musician already has a two year-old and a 31-year-old daughter. How old is too old to be a dad? We’ll be discussing this topic during the show.

Jools Holland teams up with José Feliciano for new album

Jools Holland has teamed up with Latin Grammy winner José Feliciano for a new album and tour and the pair joined Good Morning Britain to give us a taste of what to expect!

Between tickling the ivories, we caught up with Jools about 25 years of presenting Later... and turning 60 next year plus José told us about how music 'keeps him young'.

New single As You See Me Now is out now

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Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. Scotland are set to ban parents from smacking their children, Holyrood has confirmed. Parents will be breaking the law once the defence of “justifiable assault” is removed. If the plan goes ahead, then Scotland will be the first part of the UK to introduce the ban.

  2. Violent crimes and sexual offences has increased over the last 12 months, according to new figures. The report shows the number of violent crimes has risen by almost a fifth (19 percent) to 1.2 million. The Office for National Statistics said an increase in knife crime and bank and credit card fraud were also to blame.

  3. Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has announced he has pulled out of a film he was developing with The Weinstein Company. This comes after the dozens of sexual harassment claims made against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The 37-year-old posted the following message on his Facebook page: "The brave women who had the courage to stand up and speak their truth about Harvey Weinstein are true heroes to us.”

  4. Have you got your Halloween outfit yet? There are strong calls to put a strict age limit on Halloween costumes because they have become "too scary" for children. Watch the full debate here.

  5. Would you eat green satsumas and clementines? Tesco announced it will start selling the green "perfectly imperfect" fruit to help reduce food waste.

Have Halloween costumes become TOO scary for children?

Mum Siobhan Freegard thinks Halloween costumes have become too scary and should come with an age rating, similar to those used in the film industry. But Halloween enthusiast Chris Walton thinks this is a bad idea.

Website runner Siobhan revealed parents have told her they find some costumes to be 'terrifying', citing killer clowns who carry meat cleavers as an example. “Children get nightmares about them when they’re outside the windows. They’re little kids, they can’t distinguish the difference between the fact that that’s a person in a costume dressed up,” she told Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley.

Millionaire couple swap lives with family who live on £171 a week

He taught me how to be a better father

– Millionaire Matt Fiddes

Would you swap lives with another family for a week? Today we met two couples who did exactly that for a Channel 5 documentary - and it was a true awakening for both.

Andy and Kim Leamon, who are married with two children, live on just £171 a week after paying their bills and mortgage for their ex council house in Southampton. Their family swapped places with millionaires Matt and Monique Fiddes and Matt's two children - who are used to a lavish six- bedroom home in the Wiltshire countryside.

The Fiddes spend £16 a week on avocados alone, which is more than half of the Leamon's whole food budget. And although Matt and Monique found their temporarily smaller wallet difficult they say their family ended up better for it.

After their swap the two families met for the first time on the Good Morning Britain sofa to share their insights - would the Leamons swap permanently if given the chance?