Seven year old applies for football manager role

Football could have its youngest ever manager after a seven-year-old school boy wrote a rather adorable job application hoping to become Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C's new manager.

The young hopeful even offered to ask his headteacher to let him leave early to complete his managerial duties - as long as the players could help him with homework.

Someone give this boy a job!

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So, who's Britain's biggest talent from this lot?

We're looking forward to tuning in to Britain's Got Talent this weekend to find out who's going to be crowned this year's winner - but how are the finalists feeling?

Richard Arnold went over to ITV's studios to chat to a few of the acts that are in the running for the big cash prize. Who's your favourite?

The name's Bond... JANE Bond

You don't have to have a degree but you do have to have a degree of emotional intelligence and social intelligence

– Security expert Margaret Gilmore

Spy bosses are actively trying to recruit older women in the latest drive to widen their pool of intelligence officers, the Government has said.

MI5 and MI6 are being rewarded for demonstrating inclusivity as part of the drive to recruit more women, which includes offering more flexible hours and support for those returning after having children.

The Government said yesterday in response to a report into security services recruitment, that MI6, MI6 and GCHQ were "targeting middle-age and mid-career women for recruitment".

Recruiters have even been keeping their eye on internet forums such as Mumsnet in their quest to find new female staff.

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Rory Reid has confidence in 'different' Top Gear

I'm probably the most excited person in the Top Gear universe

– Rory Reid

He's the man you've never heard of who's now got an ultimate dream job - Rory Reid is one of the presenters of the new Top Gear after making it through the open auditions.

The car fanatic joins us today (just about, after oversleeping!) to share some gossip from the new series, tell how he beat thousands of other hopefuls to get the job and how he's feeling about suddenly becoming very well-known!

Are babysitters getting a bad deal?

A mother has sparked a heated online debate after admitting that she begrudges paying her babysitter the minimum wage.

The woman - who goes by the alias Niloufes on parenting site Mumsnet - said her babysitter had requested a pay rise from £6 an hour to £7.20, in line with the minimum wage. The mother went on to say she felt £7.20 was a bit steep for 'just sitting and watching TV'.

Do you think baby sitters should be paid the minimum wage? Perhaps you think they should be paid even more? Or do you agree with this lady that £7.20 is a bit much? We'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch via our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email to by 8am on Friday 27 May.

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Travellers warned to prepare for standstill in France

British holidaymakers are braced for half-term misery as fuel strikers threaten to bring French roads to a standstill - while the country's striking air traffic controllers cause havoc for Brits trying to fly to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

Ninety flights cancelled so far and French protesters have clashed with police in several cities. Bridges and motorways have been blockaded and power cuts are threatened as widespread civil unrest grips the country.

Flights to and from Paris, Nantes and Toulouse have been affected, and a rolling strike by train drivers has brought further disruption to regional and commuter rail services.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Thousands of travellers are bracing themselves for the worst as they're being warned to take precautions as protests by striking workers in France are causing blockades at oil refineries to leave 12,500 fuel pumps running towards empty

  2. A step closer to having Donald Trump as president: The controversial politician has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination

  3. Mobile phone users can send a simple, free text message to opt out of unwanted sales calls from today. Customers are able to sign up by texting TPS followed by their email address to the short code 78070.

  4. The name's Bond... JANE Bond. Middle-age women are being targeted by MI6 recruitment chiefs to become a new generation of mid-career women to their ranks.

  5. DRUNK ON PLANES: Hundreds of passengers have been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on a plane or at an airport in the last two years, figures have revealed. At least 442 people were held between March 2014 and March 2016.

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Bus driver wins £6 million, goes to work the next day

I know there are quite a few shift workers that use that route and rely on the service

– Bus driver Kevin explains why he returned to work

If you won £6.1 million would you turn up for work the next day?

Well bus driver Kevin Jones did just that! He joined us on the phone this morning to explain exactly why he thought it was his "duty" to provide a bus service that morning.

Kevin, you put the 'great' in Great Britain!

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