So Olly, what's this about you and Caroline Flack?

When we first worked with each other, we were both single so it was kind of like we were flirting, having a lot of fun, then we realised this should never happen...

– Olly Murs

The X Factor returned last weekend with a brand new batch of wannabe stars. Our next guest, Olly Murs, has graduated through the ranks from hopeful to host and has had a successful pop career with three number one albums and four number one singles.

Kate sat down with Olly to talk about what it's like having celebrity friends and if there was any truth to those rumours about a possible romance with Caroline Flack!

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Move over Horrible Histories!

Move over Horrible Histories! Ben Miller is back with a new children's show called Horrible Science. The actor, best known for series Armstrong and Miller, is less well known as a science genius. Ben hopes that the new show, aimed at children aged six to twelve, will be as inspired by science as he was.

We wanted to make a fun, crazy TV show that kids - and hopefully their parents - would love.

– Ben Miller

The show stars an oddball bunch of characters, including a robot and a disembodied brain who try to put on a science show - with all the exploits that go on behind-the-scenes!

Horrible Science starts Sunday 13 September, 9am on ITV on CITV.

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Are we seeing the death of the milkman?

A family milk round has been forced to close after 114 years due to the supermarket price war. The Bond Brothers, one of the country's oldest milk rounds, admits it can no longer afford to continue. For more than 100 years, their white milk floats have been a familiar sight as they whirred and clinked through Buckinghamshire's villages.

The family business was established in 1901, when Fred Bond milked cows by hand and delivered bottles by horse and cart to customers including Winston Churchill. The business now makes little profit and cannot afford to continue to deliver to their 350 customers.

Every day, the UK's 5,000 milkmen and women deliver to around 2.5 million homes. However, in 1980 89% of milk drunk at home arrived courtesy of of the milkman but in 2015 this has dropped to just 3%. How long will it be until we witness the death of the milkman?

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Should term time holidays be allowed?

A long-running debate has been reignited, after Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said families should be able to take children out of school during term-time.

He argues that for poorer families, the cost of taking holidays is too high during the peak periods, like summer - and so they can miss out.

We look at holiday packages being offered by a tour operator before the autumn half-term to see what the difference is.