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Before I left wintry Heathrow for Brisbane an Australian friend told me to what to expect: sun, sea, surf, beaches and BBQs, as well a few rare animals. We’ve been here two days and I’d say he pretty much hit the nail on the head.

The first leg of Good Morning Britain’s Breakfast in Australia comes from the Gold Coast. Queensland is known as the sunshine state and it’s certainly living up to its billing.

Having said that the highlight for me so far has been away from the sun, in the shade of a eucalyptus tree, with a baby Koala cuddling up to me. His name was ‘Pickles’, and claws aside, he was one of the cutest things I have ever held. His perfectly groomed coat, and bulging eyes made it feel like I was holding a living, breathing teddy bear.I thought we’d bonded but after a few minutes Pickles had had enough. He climbed over my head to an overhanging branch full of tasty leaves.

I definitely bonded with surfing legend, Cheyne Horan. At one stage he was the fastest surfer in the world. But on Sunday he was working at a slower pace – as my teacher at surf school. I learnt the moves on the beach:
1. wait for the wave
2. push off
3. pull forward for speed
4. jump into the standing position.
5. ride the wave
I spent much of the next hour looking at the underside of my board from under the water, but I eventually managed to stand up …..for a few seconds at least.

It’s Australia day today, which marks the arrival of the first British fleet at Port Jackson in 1788. But nowadays it’s more about celebrating a multicultural nation. It’s a national holiday, the final day of the school break, and the first day of Good Morning Britian’s Breakfast in Australia live broadcasts.

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Is Eddie Redmayne heading for Oscars glory?

British actor Eddie Redmayne beat off competition from Michael Keaton and Benedict Cumberbatch to pick up the prize for Best Actor at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards in Hollywood last night.

Eddie was a surprise winner, collecting the gong for his excellent portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything.

He dedicated his award to sufferers and victims of ALS.

The bash is usually a strong marker of who is in line for Oscars success next month.

Birdman and Downton were also winners on the night.

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The diet jab that could change lives

Drugs are not the answer. There is still nothing better than lifestyle change to stay healthy.

– Dr Hilary Jones

A diet jab that can help women drop two dress sizes has been approved. Described by doctors as life-changing, liraglutide could be on prescription in months.

Slimmers typically lose almost a stone more than they would by simply counting calories and exercising more. The European Commission is expected to rubber-stamp the drugs licence within the next two months, paving the way for it to go on sale.

Makers Novo Nordisk says it could be launched in Europe, including the UK, this year. But there are fears Nice will judge too expensive for routine use on NHS.

Dr Hilary insists the jab is not a replacement for healthy living.

He said: "If we are going to use it on the NHS we have to use it very carefully and on a selected few. You might potentially need to be on it for life."

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Security alert at Number 10. A prank caller pretending to be a top spy chief is put through to the Prime Minister.

  2. Financial fears grow in Europe as Greece votes for a far left government, sparking speculation about the future of the eurozone.

  3. An injection which can help people lose an extra stone in weight compared to dieting or exercising is given approval by health watchdogs. But should it be available for free on the NHS?

  4. The violent past of more than thirteen hundred people has been revealed by Clare's Law.

  5. Preparations are underway on the east coast of America for what's predicted to be one of the worst storms on record.

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