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Prince Harry 'open to experiment' of Brexit according to Meghan Markle's father

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle revealed that in his "loose conversation" with Prince Harry over the phone, he shared his views on Brexit and President Trump.

According to Mr Markle, the Prince said he was “open to the experiment” of Britain leaving the European Union.

Thomas said: "It was just a loose conversation about, something we have to try... I think he [the Duke of Sussex] was open to the experiment."

In a fascinating interview, the 73-year-old also claimed his son-in-law thinks that President Trump should be given a chance.

The First Lady of the United States Melania Trump and Prince Harry

Thomas Markle speaks for first time in tell-all interview

In a world exclusive interview, Thomas Markle, the father of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has spoken to Good Morning about his relationship with the royal family, missing his daughter's wedding and what it's like having a Prince as a son-in-law.

Thomas Markle and his daughter Meghan spending time together.

Credit: Good Morning Britain

Discussing first time he spoke to his daughter about her new boyfriend, he said: "The first phone calls were 'dad I have a new boyfriend'.

And I said that's really nice and she said 'He's British' and I said 'That's really nice,' and eventually the third time around was like 'He's a Prince.'"

He continued: "And at that point, she said 'it's Harry' and I said 'oh, Harry okay!'"

Thomas Markle told Good Morning Britain that his daughter went on to say she had to call Prince Harry 'H' "so that nobody knows" she was dating him before their relationship was made official.

Peter Andre: 'I had to Aussie up for new film role'

Peter Andre has spoken about his love of acting ahead of his guest role in the new Thomas the Tank Engine film.

The singer will voice Ace - an Australian dare-devil yellow rally car - in a role Peter said he’s had to ‘Aussie up’ for.

The animated film, set for release in July, will see Ace mischievously inspire Thomas to leave Sodor and travel the world without the Fat Controller's permission.

Leslie Grantham dies aged 71

Actor Leslie Grantham known for playing 'Dirty Den' in Eastenders has died aged 71.

A statement from his representative said: “We formally announce the loss of Leslie Grantham, who passed away at 10.20am on the morning of Friday 15 June 2018.

“His ex-wife and sons have asked for their privacy to be respected at this difficult time."

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Rolls-Royce will cut 4600 jobs

Rolls-Royce will cut 4600 jobs at its jet engine manufacturing business in Derby.

Middle management and support staff are the ones expected to be cut as the engine giants attempt to save £400 million per year.

Derby’s Labour MP Chris Williamson said he wants the government to intervene. He tweeted:

Get the latest from Good Morning Britain reporter Pipa Thompson above.