Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Banning benefits for up to four years - the Prime Minister will promise a crackdown on welfare for EU migrants today

  2. Scuffles have broken out overnight amongst shoppers queueing for Black Friday bargains, as retailers slash prices ahead of Christmas

  3. The two-year old germinators - parents are urged to vaccinate their toddlers against flu because they're more likely to spread the virus

  4. Treatment for people who suffer from asthma has fallen well below an acceptable standard

  5. And according to today's papers, Sammy Winward is quitting the soap after playing Katie Addyman for 13 years

Chaos online and in store as Black Friday begins

Police have been called, shoppers injured and a number of big High Street stores websites' crashed as Black Friday started, it has emerged.

Black Friday, where shops dramatically reduce prices on a number of big ticket items, has been imported from the US and slowly growing since 2010. Now in full swing, stores like Argos, Asda and Tesco opened their doors at midnight to bargain hunters.

However, chaotic scenes erupted at Tesco supermarkets in Edmonton, Blackpool, Glasgow and Dundee, reports suggest. Websites for Argos, Tesco and Curry's all crashed earlier on, but are now working.

Most asthma patients 'not getting enough care'

Eight out of 10 asthma patients are not getting the basic clinical care they need, a survey from experts has revealed.

Asthma UK's care survey revealed 80% of asthma sufferers dealt with inadequate care of what is a potentially deadly condition. Asthma is caused when small tubes which carry air in and out of the lungs become inflamed.

The common condition causes wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and breathlessness and costs the NHS more than £1billion in medicines, GP visits and hospital admissions every year. Care varies up and down the country, Asthma UK found, with Londoners most likely to be neglected.

Parents urged to vaccinate toddlers against flu

Children under five need to have a flu jab to protect them from severe illness this winter, the government's Chief Medical Officer has warned.

The benefits of vaccinating a toddler from the flu are twofold, according to Dame Sally Davies, as it protected their health and stopped them from spreading the disease. Children aged two, three and four are known as superspreaders because they are more likely to infect lots of people.

Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, expressed concern that fewer parents were using a nasal spray, which offers the same protection as the jab, compared to this time last year.

Benefits for migrants 'blocked for first four years'

EU migrants who come to the UK looking for work will not be able to claim any benefits for their first four years in Britain, even if they have a job, David Cameron is expected to say.

The Prime Minister will insist he rules "nothing out" if British demands for reform to EU membership are not met in a major speech on immigration later today. Changing the rules about when and who can claim benefits will be top of his list of demands.

He will also pledge:

  • Unemployed Europeans heading to Britain to find work will have six months to find a job or they will be kicked out, he will say in a keynote speech on immigration.
  • Those with jobs will only receive in-work benefits, such as tax credits, and social housing once they have been in the UK for four years.
  • No child benefits or tax credits for children living elsewhere in Europe will be paid out, regardless of how long an EU migrant has paid into UK coffers under the plans.

How will you do your Black Friday shopping?

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