Who do you share how much you earn with?

Google's Europe boss told MPs he did not know how much he gets paid as he faced an angry grilling over his company's tax affairs.

Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe, was asked five times how much he earns but failed to give an answer each time.

So who do you tell what your salary is? Your partner, or your parents? Would you tell your friends, or even your colleagues?

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. In a major breakthrough, world powers have agreed a nationwide ceasefire in Syria, to be implemented in a week's time

  2. E-cigarette warning for pregnant women - vaping could be just as dangerous for babies as smoking real cigarettes

  3. David Cameron has been warned he risks splitting the Conservative Party unless he campaigns for Britain to leave the European Union. More than 130 Tory councillors have written to the Prime Minister saying his renegotiation with Brussels has failed.

  4. Downton Abbey star's drink drive ban - Brendan Coyle is banned from getting behind the wheel for four years after being found nearly three times over the limit

  5. Forty per cent of people who rent a property believe they will never to able to afford to buy their own home. A new study also found rents are being pushed up by a lack of new starter homes.

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Quiz: Which male celeb is your ideal Valentine?

We've had many a heartthrob on Good Morning Britain - from movie stars to athletes - and in the run up to the most romantic day of the year we decided to put together a little quiz to help us decide which of them we'd love to go on a date with.

One of five very eligible men who are easy on the eyes will be your outcome... but who will it be?

Well, one can dream, right?

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