Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. An astonishing medical breakthrough as scientists almost double the time human embryos can be developed outside the womb. The research is controversial because it pushes against the UK legal limit for keeping an embryo growing in a laboratory, which is 14 days after fertilisation.

  2. The international super injunction debate continues this morning as an A-list actor has wins an injunction over claims about his private life. He has been named in a US magazine and yet he still can't be identified over here - Ross is reporting live from LA.

  3. Our surgeries are struggling as the overall number of consultations - face-to-face and telephone - has increased by 15 per cent over the past five years, three times the rate of increase in the number of GPs, according to The Kings Fund.

  4. Crushing news for Manchester City fans as brilliant Bale destroys their Champion's League final dream.

  5. And Prince Harry hits the polo field as he prepares to host 600 wounded servicemen and women at the the second Invictus Games. We'll be joined by one of the Games' biggest fans - seven year old Rio Woolf - who's managed to get six days off school to go and cheer on his heroes.

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M42 Express Delivery: Baby born on hard shoulder!

Within the space of half an hour he was just there!

– Sam Walker on her speedy delivery this past weekend

We've all felt the stress of the Bank Holiday traffic, but the backlog of cars on the M42 led to Sam Walker, 32, giving birth on the hard shoulder over the weekend!

Sam describes the moment her contractions started "out of nowhere" and the frantic 999 calls her partner made while their other two children, aged just three and four, were seated in the back of the car.

PC James Barry - who arrived at the scene - also joined Katy Rickitt this morning to describe the moment he met healthy baby boy Tommy... and it's safe to say he was relieved he didn't have to deliver him!

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GMB rolls out the red carpet for Dame Joan Collins

You are basically wearing the same dress!

– Piers wasn't the only one to notice

We rolled out the red carpet for the fabulous Dame Joan Collins this morning - and then she arrived wearing the same dress as Susanna! Alas, there were no red faces in this frock off!

She's been courted by the world's most handsome legends - but which of them would Dame Joan like to be stranded on a desert island with? The glamorous legend didn't hold back as she shared some iconic memories... and even got Piers to read a sexy snippet from her latest novel, The St Tropez Lonely Hearts Club.

Why would you want to show your bottom?

– Dame Joan wasn't a huge fan of Madonna's latest, controversial outfit

Dame Joan also spoke about ageing gracefully and some of her more outlandish moments - it didn't take Piers long to sound out her opinion on Madonna's headline-grabbing outfit from this weekend's Met Gala.

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Are EU in or out?

Is your family split about staying in the European Union? Maybe Mum thinks ones way but Dad's the other - or perhaps opinion is divided between generations?

Ahead of the EU referendum on 23 June, Good Morning Britain would like to hear from families with differing views on whether we should stay or go.

If your family is torn on the subject we'd love to hear from you - you and your family members could play a vital role in our coverage of the referendum.

Please get in touch at by midnight on Friday 13 May with the heading EU Referendum with a few lines about why you feel your family fits the bill and a contact number.

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Lucky Leicester look-alike!

You're not as good-looking as me, kid!

– Jamie Vardy welcomed postman Lee onto Leicester City's tour bus!

Lee Chapman didn't think life could get much better following Monday evening's match, but he has since been hailed a doppelgänger for Leicester City's star striker Jamie Vardy.

The team spotted him out celebrating and pulled him onto their party bus - and postman Lee has since found himself on the cover of almost every newspaper!

Watch Lee share the incredible moment he met his heroes and the amazing offers he's had since.

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One scammed every minute!

Are you worried about being scammed or something you have received?

If you have a question for our our security specialist Alex Farmer, then head to our Facebook page where Alex will be replying to your questions between 8.30-9.00am on Wednesday 4 May.

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