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Showbuzz: Good Morning Britain clean up at the National Reality Television Awards

On Tuesday's Showbuzz, Richard Arnold gives us the latest on Good Morning Britain's performance at the National Reality Television Awards last night.

Plus, find out who was voted the Hottest Television Talent of 2017 - and it wasn't Piers Morgan!

Are you afraid of spiders?

Do you have some unwelcome visitors in your home at the moment? It's estimated that there are currently between 30 and 100 spiders living in cracks and corners of your house. There are 750 million spiders in the UK, but most of the time they live outside. September is peak Spider season, and spiders come inside for warmth, and the larger male spiders to find a mate.

This is fine if you don't mind them, but for half of women and a third of men with a fear of spiders this is a big problem.

Here at Good Morning Britain we are helping the nation overcome its spider phobia.

​We have enlisted the help of life coach and phobia busting expert Pete Cohen and spider expert Britain to help you overcome your phobia.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Theresa May insists she's driving Brexit from the front and everyone is “going to the same destination”, after reports Boris Johnson said he was a "back-seat driver". When asked about Boris’ claims on £350 million being given to the NHS after Britain leave the EU, May responded: "the amount we pay into the European Union changes year by year."

  2. Hurricane Maria has intensified to a "potentially catastrophic" category five storm after the National Hurricane Centre recorded wind speeds in excess of 160mph. Warnings have been issued to the Virgin Islands and Montserrat after Maria made landfall with the island of Dominica on Monday.

  3. Ryanair have published the full list of their cancelled flights over the next six weeks between September 21st and October 28th. The airline company announced it will cancel up to 50 flights per day for the next six weeks, after allowing too many pilots to go on leave at the same time. Have you been affected by the flight cancellations? If so, get in touch by emailing us at gmb@itv.com.

  4. Uber have apologised for their “totally inappropriate” Wife Appreciation Day promotional message sent to their customers in India. The message urged men to let their wives “take a day off from the kitchen” and order food through their Uber Eats service instead. Users took to social media to heavily criticise the car transportation company after people felt they were insinuating that a wife’s place is in the kitchen.

  5. The Governor of the Bank of England has warned that Brexit is likely to spell for a weaker economy as well as higher inflation and interest rates. However, Mark Carney's latest attack on Brexit wasn't all doom and gloom, as he did suggest that leaving the EU could see wages increase.

Top headlines you're going home to

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary during a press conference in which he blamed 'messed up' planning of pilots' holiday for flight cancellations

  • Ryanair faces a compensation bill of up to €20 million (£17.7 million) for the flight cancellations 'mess' which has left many passengers stranded, the airline's boss Michael O'Leary has said. The Dublin-based carrier is shelving up to 50 flights per day over the next six weeks due to a pilot shortage - a decision that is likely to affect hundreds of thousands of passengers. Have your travel plans been affected by the disruption? Get in touch at gmb@itv.com.

Showbuzz: Little Mix are back with a brand new single!

In Richard Arnold's Monday Showbuzz, Little Mix are back with their brand new single, Reggaeton Lento, starring Latin American boyband CNCO.

Plus, find out which one of Donald Trump's former employees stole the show at the Emmy Awards...

Watch the Richard Arnold's showbiz news above.

The brave and incredible viral toddler is upstaged by his big sister

She wants a piece of that fame action, I can tell

– Piers Morgan speaks on Camden's sister

This morning we were joined by the Whiddon family and their amazing three-year-old son Camden, who captured hearts across the globe when he was filmed climbing steps to a slide despite having no arms or legs.

The incredible viral video shows the inspirational toddler refusing help from his mother as he climbs up the ladder. The sheer delight is evident on Camden's face when he reaches the top and slides back down again.

But it was Camden's older sister Riley who tried her best to steal the limelight when the family joined us live from their Dallas home this morning - and in doing so created one of Good Morning Britain's most adorable moments...

Watch the full interview above.