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Thunderstorm warning ahead of late May bank holiday

Forecasters are warning of thunderstorms ahead as humid conditions bring rain and cooler temperatures to the UK.

It'll be a welcome relief for gardeners exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show in west London at warmer air makes the capital and south-east feel clammy.

Laura has the weather from the flower show.

Britain’s biggest rail timetable shake-up

More than four million trains have been rescheduled in what’s been touted as the biggest timetable alteration in UK railway history.

The timetable changes came in on Sunday with the aim to improve rail efficiency - affecting Gatwick Express, Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink.

Some travel experts say the overhaul will benefit passengers and make journey times 15 minutes faster. But passengers in a number of smaller locations have complained, saying they will be served with fewer or slower services.

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