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A look ahead at this evening's US Presidential debate

Ahead of tonight's eagerly anticipated debate in the US between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Good Morning Britain takes a quick look back at the hopefuls and their form thus far.

Tonight's debate will last for 90 minutes, and will be a strong indicator as to who may become the next President of the United States of America.

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Piers meets the Dalai Lama - full length interview

Last week Piers Morgan met his Holiness, the Dalai Lama - and the pair talked about everything, from Trump, to IS, to love and marriage and even celebrity culture, including Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce.

It was the interview that got the internet buzzing and now we bring you the full 40-minute, uncut version.

Watch the full, fascinating discussion above.

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Judge Rinder on Strictly and Susanna's morning secret!

Greg Rutherford is a slightly under appreciated hero

– Robert Rinder is full of admiration for his Strictly co-star

Robert 'Judge' Rinder joined us today to talk about the latest goings-on in his courtroom, appearing on Strictly, being mates with Benedict Cumberbatch... and Piers gets him to dish the dirt on Susanna, who's also his good friend!

What one thing does Susanna do every morning when she's away on a trip? Watch to find out!

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John Prescott says says David Blunkett is the 'catastrophe'

Lord John Prescott got extremely animated on this morning's show while talking about the future of the Labour party.

The politician was reacting to news that former Home Secretary David Blunkett said that the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader is a 'catastrophe'.

Watch Lord Prescott's heated exchange with Piers Morgan above.

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell: 'I will not apologise for McVey comments'

John McDonnell has distanced himself from lynching comments about Esther McVey, in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Speaking from Liverpool where the Labour Party Conference is taking place, Mr McDonnell also refused to retract his claims the ex-Tory minister was a 'stain on humanity'.

"When I called her a 'stain on humanity' in a Parliamentary debate, I was expressing deep deep anger and anguish as I had just met families who had lost loved ones as a result of policies she had implemented."

McDonnell was further probed by Piers Morgan about repeating calls for McVey to be 'lynched' from a public meeting in the Wirral constituency in 2014.

"I reported what was said," he said. "But I'm not apologising for the words I used in the Parliamentary debate."

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Piers Morgan impersonates 'future boss' Donald Trump

Presenter Piers Morgan this morning joked that he's waiting on a phone call from presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding a new job in the US.

Speaking ahead of tonight's eagerly anticipated first debate between Trump and Democratic hopeful Hilary Clinton, Piers admitted he will be staying up all night to watch the debate!

Hope you're on good form in the morning, Piers!

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