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Should electric dog collars be banned?

Would you use an electric collar on your dog if it badly behaved? A dog charity is launching a campaign to ban the sale of them.

To the surprise of many, these kinds of dog collars are still legal in England.

Our lucky presenters had the pleasure of trialling the electric collar to test how it feels when it’s activated - and presenter Ranvir Singh drew the short straw!

Fortunately for Richard Madeley, he was the presenter in control and had his hands firmly on the remote control, ready to push down on the shock button.

After bravely volunteering to get a low-voltage electric shock, Ranvir complained that her fingers felt a little “tingly” - and Richard was pretty relieved he wasn’t on the receiving end of the collar's voltage!

Watch the full debate above.

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Hero teacher tells how he protected six during Florida school shooting

A community in Florida is recovering after 17 of its residents were killed in one of the US' deadliest shootings. Jim Gard, a teacher at the school where the shooting happened, spoke to Good Morning Britain about the events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

'Hearing the shots, my classroom is only 50 metres away.' he told Good Morning Britain. The heroic teacher protected six students in his classroom as the shooter roamed the school campus with a semi-automatic weapon.

The identity of the shooters has now been revealed to be 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. Former classmates of the shooter said that the shooter had very few friends and was 'obsessed' with guns. On his social media pages, he had uploaded images of dead reptiles and guns, prompting concern from authorities and those close to him.

Florida shooter is 'sad' and 'remorseful' following gun attack

• The Florida school shooter is “sad” and “remorseful”, according to his defence lawyer. Reports claim gun suspect Nickolas Cruz confessed to the Valentine’s Day massacre - and when standing in court Cruz’s lawyer said he was a “broken human being” following the attack which claimed the lives of 17 people.

• The FBI has now launched a review into its own handling of the horrible attack, after it's been revealed that the shooter may have been known to authorities months before the massacre took place. More information.

Should tenants be allowed pets?

The law doesn't force you [landlords] to do the right thing - therefore you won't!

– Holly Brockwell

Landlords who refuse to let their tenants keep pets are being targeted by Labour as a part of their new animal welfare manifesto.

According to studies, a growing number of tenants are being forced to part with their animals due to their landlord's no pet policy, which provokes the question - should it be a human right to have a pet on your property?

In a heated debate, we were joined by tenant and pet owner Holly Brockwell - who says pet bans are unfair for those who can't afford to buy their own property. Alongside property landlord and former Britain's Got Talent contestant Francine Lewis - who thinks pets devalue rental properties.

Watch the debate in full above.

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