What is happening in Ferguson?

An unarmed black teenager was shot dead by a policeman in a small suburb of the American city of St Louis on August 9.

Since then, the state of Missouri has been swept by protests and controversial police tactics. Today, a grand jury will decide if the policeman who shot the 18-year-old Michael Brown should face murder charges.

The case so far:

  • Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were caught walking in the middle of the road by police officer Darren Wilson, who ordered them to move to the pavement
  • Brown and Wilson struggled through the window of the police vehicle until the 28-year-old police officer's gun went off, either intentionally or by accident
  • The two African-American teenagers fled with Wilson in pursuit of Brown
  • Wilson shot Brown six times, killing him
  • Reports differ as to whether Brown had his hands up to surrender or was running towards the police officer

Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm proud of my work'

I'm in a wonderful place, I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm proud of my work.

– Jennifer Aniston

Richard Arnold catches up with Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston to talk about her movie Horrible Bosses 2!

Jennifer returns with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as everyone's favourite "working stiffs", who struggled under the yoke of supervisors so monstrous and out-of-control that they felt their only recourse was to bump them off.

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The Christmas they thought they'd never have...

A man who "died" six times on honeymoon has got a new heart and become a new dad. Thirty-four-year old Andrew Britton from Buckinghamshire collapsed and was on a life support machine for two weeks after a heart virus triggered six heart attacks leaving him in hospital for a year.

But now after a successful heart transplant and a baby boy Frank Fabio (named Fabio after his heart surgeon), former triathlete Andrew and his wife Lauren are having the Christmas they thought they'd never see. Myocarditis is a viral infection that attacks the heart and can happen to anyone. It can be caused by something as simple as a common cold if the bug gets into the bloodstream and reaches the heart. They join us now to talk about their experiences.

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David Beckham opens up about his marriage

I'll never forget, she just burst out uncontrollably crying. That was one of the points that I knew I had a wife that really understood me

– David Beckham on the moment he told Victoria he wouldn't be going to a fourth World Cup

Footballer David Beckham has opened up about his loving wife Victoria Beckham in exclusive new footage from his new DVD Into The Unknown.

Richard Arnold joined us to tell us all about it!

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Only The Young keep positive about the future

We were never really ready to leave the competition.

– Only The Young

Only The Young joined us to talk about their experience on the show and hopes for the future after leaving the X Factor at the weekend.

The band left the show on Saturday, they said the last 24 hours has been "pretty mental".

Only The Young - growing before our eyes!

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Good Morning Britain's Meal Appeal

We're asking YOU to help UK people in need and support Good Morning Britain's Meal Appeal as we approach the festive season.

Nearly a million people used food banks last year and figures released today in our exclusive survey with One Poll reveal that one in three parents that we spoke to have gone without a meal to their children can eat.

Redundancy, illness, domestic violence, family breakdown and debt are just some of the reasons people go hungry. There are many life events beyond our control and moments where families need help to get by.

We're want YOU at home to buy one extra item in your shopping basket to help another UK family. This could be a luxury item or even a store cupboard basic.