David Beckham in dad dancing shocker!

Wow, so the Beckhams really are just like us! The famous pair were celebrating their good friend Eva Longoria's wedding last night and David was caught on camera getting down on the dancefloor to a bit of Rick Astley... with Saved By The Bell's Mario Lopez, no less!

The pair were clearly enjoying themselves, grinning merrily as they showed off their moves to wedding DJ favourite Never Gonna Give You Up.

It goes to show, no one can escape the lure of a cheesy disco dance track!

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Exclusive: Stephen Hawking on EU, Trump and more

Gone are the days we could stand on our own

– Professor Stephen Hawking

He has grappled with some of the biggest questions in the universe and now Professor Stephen Hawking gives his answer to another: In or out?

In his only interview on the subject, Hawking tells GMB he predicts a recession if Britain leave the EU and warns: "Gone are the days when we could stand on our own".

He also gives his views on US presidential hopeful Donald Trump and reveals his dream dinner party guests - plus he tells Mark Austin of how he never thought he'd be able to have children after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

The professor also reveals that he thinks the planet's biggest threat is global warming.

Meanwhile, we also speak with Dr Lee Upcraft, a physicist who doesn't share Hawking's views on how a Brexit would affect scientific advancement.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Britain needs to stay in the EU to protect its scientific research from being undermined by the Government's austerity cuts, Stephen Hawking has told Good Morning Britain

  2. Meanwhile, Vote Leave claims energy bills will fall if we choose to leave - saying Britain will no longer be forced to raise VAT on charges. Michael Gove joins us today to tell us more.

  3. Ceremonies take place today to mark the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Jutland. The Princess Royal will represent the Royal Family after the Duke of Edinburgh pulled out for medical reasons.

  4. Madness in Magaluf: The Mayor of the popular holiday destination has told GMB that he will never have enough police to cope with the influx of partying Brits every summer - and one bar manager who has worked there for 15 years has told us he's "never seen it this bad"

  5. And finally, Becki-Jo Allen was shocked when she was told that she was expecting triplets - but she hadn't expected to discover they were identical! We meet the 200 million to one babies and their mum today

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Richard Jones adds some magic to our Bank Holiday!

After a nail-biting final over the weekend it's official - magician Richard Jones definitely has talent after he was crowned this year's BGT winner!

He joins us to tell us how it felt to hear his name called out by Ant and Dec at that pivotal moment, his thoughts on the other finalists and what's in store for the future.

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Were zoo keepers right to shoot gorilla?

Animal rights campaigners are protesting after a gorilla was shot dead at a zoo in Cincinnati when a four year old boy accidentally fell into its enclosure.

Harambe, a 400lb 17-year-old gorilla was killed at Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday after he grabbed and dragged the child - but onlookers have said he appeared to be protecting him. However, zoo officials have since said the risk was too large as the animal was extremely strong in an agitated situation.

The zoo said of their primate keepers: "They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life."

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