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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

Credit: Riverside County Sheriff's Department

  1. Parents of a family were arrested after California police found 13 siblings held captive in a home, with some tied to a bed “with chains and padlocks”. Police held Louise Anna Turpin, 49 and her husband David Allen Turpin, 57 on charges of child endangerment and torture. The victims, aged between 2 and 29, were discovered when a 17-year-old girl managed to escape her bondage and raise the alarm using a mobile phone.

  2. Hundreds of schools could be affected by the liquidation of Carillion, as union members fear the collapse could start a domino effect and put a “strain” on teachers. At the start of the week the government held a meeting to discuss how to keep Carillion’s vital public services (schools, prisons and hospices) open. It has also been revealed that the government still awarded some contracts to the fallen company, even after they had posted profit warnings.

  3. The Scottish government has published an impact study saying a hard brexit could cost every person living in Scotland £2000. The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the figures found in the report should frighten the entire country and believes the majority of MPs want to stay in the single market and customs union.

  4. The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan was found dead at a hotel on London's Park Lane. The 46-year-old was in London for a short music recording session. Her band mates paid tribute to her through The Cranberries Twitter account. In their heart felt message they tweeted: “We are devastated on the passing of our friend Dolores. She was an extraordinary talent and we feel very privileged to have been part of her life from 1989 when we started the Cranberries. The world has lost a true artist today. Noel, Mike and Fergal.”

  5. Police have been told to stop the rise in paedophile hunters, after the number of groups who try to catch online abusers rose to more than 75. Is it time to stop paedophile hunters? We’ll be debating this topic during the show.

Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan has sadly died aged 46. A statement from her publicist said: "Irish and international singer Dolores O'Riordan has died suddenly in London today." The multi award-winning musician was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time.

  2. Toddler Poppi Worthington was sexually abused before her death, a coroner has ruled. The "fit and active" 13-month-old was in an "unsafe" sleeping environment and suffered injuries to her bottom caused by penetration, Cumbria's senior coroner David Roberts said.

  3. In case you missed it, Ukip leader Henry Bolton told Good Morning Britain exclusively that the ‘romantic’ side of his relationship with Jo Marney has ended after the racist messages she sent about Meghan Markle. Watch the full interview here.

  4. Ivana Trump was married to Donald for 15 years and brought up three of his children - but what does she really think of her ex-husband? Watch our exclusive chat here

  5. Carrie Gracie resigned as China Editor of the BBC because of a lack of parity in salary with male counterparts. In our debate this morning, we discussed whether the gender pay gap actually exists. Watch the full discussion.

A cold and chilly weather ahead

With a wet start to the day, expect to see more winter weather settling in - particularly across the Scotland and Northern Ireland areas.

Watch the latest weather report from Alex Beresford.

Debate: Does the gender pay gap exist?

After the BBC's John Humphrys' off-air comments 'joking' about his £600,000 salary were leaked, the debate of whether such a gap exists or not has been reopened.

Furthermore, Carrie Gracie's resignation as China Editor, because of a lack of parity in salary with male counterparts, has provoked a debate about gender fairness.

Ivana Trump: 'Donald's a stable genius'

Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, Ivana was his wife for 15 years and raised three of his children.

This morning, in her first live UK interview since Trump became the 45th President of the United States, she gave her views on Trump's first year of his Presidency and pulls back the curtain on what it's like being part of the Trump family.

In the revealing chat Ivana told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid how she still chats to the President regularly ("If it were me in Melania's place, I would not like") and insists they are 'friends' despite a 'nasty' divorce.

She also told us why she doesn't think he's racist and that she doesn't think he will do anything 'irresponsible' as President, saying: "He's a stable genius. Definitely."

Henry Bolton: I've split up with Jo but I won't resign

People have thrown her to the wolves to attack me

– Henry Bolton

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has revealed to Good Morning Britain that he has ended his romantic relationship with Jo Marney after racist messages she sent about Meghan Markle and black people were made public.

In a Facebook conversation she alluded to Markle as a 'commoner' who will 'taint' the Royal Family and made further outrageous comments including saying black people are 'ugly' and 'not my thing'.

Watch the video above to see Bolton's take on the scandal - plus he gets grilled by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on why he would choose such a partner in the first place and why he "categorically won't resign".

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