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Laura Tobin introduces baby Charlotte to Good Morning Britain!

Nobody tells you how hard it is being a parent. It’s really difficult.

– Laura

It was a very special morning on Good Morning Britain today! Laura Tobin introduced her baby Charlotte to the GMB viewers - and she's adorable!

Laura was working on the show in July 2017 when she felt sudden stomach pains. It was Dr Hilary who told her the unexpected news: “I think the baby wants to come today.”

Laura was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to baby Charlotte nearly three months premature. Charlotte weighed two-and-a-half pounds when she was born, but fast forward seven months, she's doing brilliantly - getting stronger and weighing a healthy 14lbs.

Overweight insurance broker loses 7 stone to become international model

Former insurance salesman, Gwilym Pugh has shed the pounds to become an international supermodel - counting David Beckham in his list of 'acquaintances'.

In 2006, Pugh was running a small insurance business - insecure and unhappy he decided to take steps to lose weight. He dropped seven stone off his waistline - starting from 20 stone.

From there it has been a story of success for the 33-year-old. He has appeared in internationally recognised fashion title GQ and is now an ambassador for David Beckham's grooming brand.

Should electric dog collars be banned?

Would you use an electric collar on your dog if it badly behaved? A dog charity is launching a campaign to ban the sale of them.

To the surprise of many, these kinds of dog collars are still legal in England.

Our lucky presenters had the pleasure of trialling the electric collar to test how it feels when it’s activated - and presenter Ranvir Singh drew the short straw!

Fortunately for Richard Madeley, he was the presenter in control and had his hands firmly on the remote control, ready to push down on the shock button.

After bravely volunteering to get a low-voltage electric shock, Ranvir complained that her fingers felt a little “tingly” - and Richard was pretty relieved he wasn’t on the receiving end of the collar's voltage!

Watch the full debate above.

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