Is family travel too expensive in school holidays?

Parents face huge price hikes if they wait for the school term to end before going on holiday. Have you taken your child out of school early to secure a cheaper deal? Do you think something needs to be done to ensure cheaper travel during the school holidays?

Which month you take your break makes a huge difference in cost.

  • A week's stay for four in August at a holiday park on the Lincolnshire coast is £710 pounds dearer than the same holiday in September
  • A family stay in Sherwood Forest is £850 cheaper during term time too
  • And you would save more than a thousand pounds on a week-long break in Lanzarote if you went during the school term instead of August

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Sean gets his hands on the Premier League trophy!

Wishful thinking from Sean and reporter Philippa Tomson this morning as he gets his hands on the Premier League trophy!

Replace Zayn? No, 1D are 'doing fine', says Simon

I'm not sitting there in the dark going, 'today I'll fire Louis'!

– Simon Cowell

Richard Arnold chats to Simon Cowell about all things Britain's Got Talent, those X Factor judge rumours, backing girl band Fifth Harmony and of course Eric, Lauren, Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy!

And what about that Twitter spat between Louis and Cheryl? Simon reveals all!

Teens will take 44 hours of selfies in half term

It's estimated that teens will take 44 hours of selfies in half term

Half term for most begins this afternoon, but are you one of the many parents already dreading the summer holidays? New research by the National Citizen Service reveals that teenagers will spend an average of 44 hours taking selfies, 75 hours watching Netflix and and extra 84 hours in bed.

So do you struggle to get your children out and about during the school holidays? Are you concerned your teenager is spending too much time sleeping, taking selfies and in front of the box? Or maybe you think they should be allowed to sit back, relax and take the care-free approach?

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Have you tried to self-diagnose yourself?

Have you tried to self-diagnose health issues by searching for information online?

If you have, you're not alone as one in twenty of Google's one hundred billion searches is about something health related.

  • New figures out today reveal four in five adults in the UK turn to the internet for health advice
  • With more than three in four finding conflicting health information online
  • It's all led to a new condition itself: Cyberchondria

Well Cassie Warren is a mum who frequently uses the internet for health advice regarding her young twin boys. She joins us now on the sofa alongside Dr Hilary Jones.

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BGT disrupted by undetonated WWII bomb

Rehearsals for Britain's Got Talent have been disrupted by an undetonated Second World War bomb which was discovered by builders near the programme's studios at Wembley in north London.