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Our presenters certainly seem ready for the weekend - are you?

Ranvir, Ben, Richard and Laura are getting their selfies on in the studio while Louisa James is enjoying a coffee as she waits for the Duchess to give birth at St Mary's Hospital!

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

A woman was hospitalised after falling down this hole in a London street

Credit: Twitter/emily_hendo23

  1. Sainsbury is to cut 800 jobs as it battles falling sales and profits for Britain's biggest supermarket groups

  2. A 14-year-old boy from Blackburn has been charged in connection with a terrorist plot in Australia. He was arrested over an alleged plan to attack events marking the centenary of the First World War Anzac landings.

  3. A woman has been hospitalised after she fell down a hole that appeared in a pavement as she hurried along a London street during rush hour

  4. A leading energy firm is to give vouchers to people who use foodbanks to help those who are disconnecting electricity and gas supplies because they can't afford to pay their bills

  5. More than half of women feel stressed choosing what to wear to work in the morning according to a Good Morning Britain and OnePoll survey

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Expert Natasha Devon answers your questions

We've now received over 2,500 unfiltered selfies and #SelfieEsteem has been trending across the UK this week. To thank you all, we invited body confidence expert Natasha Devon to answer your questions in a live Q&A from ITV this morning, Thursday 23 April.

Natasha's advice was as inspiring and insightful as ever, so we've included her answers below for those of you who may have missed the chat. A big thank you to Natasha for all her help and enthusiasm with #SelfieEsteem.

Miriam's Inspiring Women with her initiative

There's more to Miriam than being married to the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, much more. Lawyer, blogger, campaigner - Miriam joins us to talk about her initiative "Inspiring Women" which she set up in October 2013 to encourage British schoolgirls to aim high in their careers.

Already, some 15,000 women, including TV and radio presenter Clare Balding, and model Daisy Lowe, have talked to a quarter of a million teenage girls.

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Politicians watch out: Rory's back with a new show

The campaign's going on forever!

– Rory Bremner on the current political campaign

Following the success of his first show Coalition Reports comedian Rory Bremner will return to our screens with a new post election show, The Election Reports.

On talking about whether it was difficult to impersonate politicians he said "there's a lot of very bland politicians around but there's a few exceptions".

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Charlotte Hawkins introduces us to Ella Rose!

It's a whirlwind - it's like a mini tornado when it hits!

– Charlotte on becoming a mum

Charlotte Hawkins joins us on the show today - with new addition to the family - baby Ella Rose!

Charlotte said: "She's started to sleep through the night now which is an amazing achievement," she added, "nothing prepares you for it". Speaking to Susanna and Ben she said she thought she'd be used to waking up in the night - doing the job that she does - but that she was still surprised to see how hard it was!

Watch Charlotte Hawkins' baby bump grown in our timelapse video!

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Laura's forecast: Thursday 23 April

We've had stunning sunshine over the last few days but the weather is slowly changing with a lot more cloud and some outbreaks of rain.

Check out Laura Tobin's forecast for more details on the weather in your area.

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