Richard begs Jack for some Corrie secrets!

Richard's hotfooted it up to Weatherfield ahead of the police arriving at the Platt's this evening!

He's joined live by Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd on the cobbles to unearth some family secrets and tease what we can expect in this week's web of secrets. So, with the body finally set to resurface tonight, how is David Platt coping with potentially being in the frame for murdering Callum?

Jack P Shepherd - who is up for the Best Actor gong at this weekend's Soap Awards - also gives us a sneak peek at tomorrow night's episode!

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Till deaf do us part

Mother-of-three Louise Windsor has been deaf all her life and lived in virtual silence for more than 40 years.

However, thanks to a pioneering cochlear implant - a small hearing device fitted under the skin - Louise can now hear her children's voices and engage verbally in longer conversations.

Louise joins us on the sofa with her husband Mark as we look back at the incredible moment she heard his voice for the very first time. Ironically, Louise is now finding hubby Mark's voice a bit too loud and complains about him rustling crisp packets... but wouldn't change it for the world!

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Vicious acid attack on group of teenage boys

An investigation is underway in Essex after an acid attack on a group of teenagers may have left a boy permanently blind in one eye.

Nick Dixon joins us live from Essex where five boys - aged between 15 and 17 - were approached in the early hours of Sunday morning. The group were trying to get a taxi home outside Ockenden when a man approached them with a bottle hidden in one hand. The attacker then proceeded to pour acid over all members of the group, leaving two very seriously injured in hospital with burns to their eyes and mouth.

Police are very keen to speak to anyone who may have been in this area on Saturday night - you can contact Essex police directly on 01245 491491.

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Streaming whilst driving is as bad as drink-driving!

A GMB investigation has uncovered a growing trend in people using their phones to live-stream whilst driving. Live-streaming involves using a social media app on your phone to broadcast what you're doing live - and it's currently within UK law to do so whilst behind the wheel.

Jimmy Burch - who regularly live-streams whilst driving - agreed to take part in our simulator experiment to uncover just how badly it is affecting his driving. The results were shocking.

Shaun Helman from the Transport Research Laboratory described Jimmy's driving as "the kind of driving style you expect from somebody quite heavily influenced by alcohol or falling asleep".

Watch Piers and Susanna reveal the results of our investigation live to Jimmy in the studio alongside Sergeant Neil Dewson-Smyth, who is campaigning to ban live-streaming whilst driving.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. It has emerged that 3.2 million people may have paid the wrong tax after chaos at HMRC left callers waiting for up to an hour. A decision to cut jobs in HMRC meant that call waiting times tripled to 47 minutes last October as paper tax returns were due, the National Audit Office said. Taxpayers forced to hang onto the phone while calling HM Revenue and Customs lost the equivalent of £97 million last year, the watchdog has found.

  2. It's legal, but a GMB investigation has found that live streaming whilst driving is as bad as being drunk behind the wheel - and we can exclusively reveal that one of the country's leading police forces is calling for it to be banned completely

  3. A US judge has determined there is enough evidence to send actor and comedian Bill Cosby to trial on a sexual assault charge. Mr Cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former Temple University employee in his home outside of Philadelphia in 2004.

  4. Hundreds of steelworkers will stage a march today to highlight the crisis in their industry as a shortlist of bidders was being drawn up for the UK assets of Tata. The board of the Indian conglomerate will meet in Mumbai to discuss the prospects for a sale which would save thousands of jobs.

  5. And Richard Arnold is live from the Coronation Street cobbles all morning, trying to tease some Platt secretsout of Jack P Shepherd. You can watch a trailer for this evening's episode here.

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Harman: Kardashian nude selfies are 'pioneering'

At least they're not being controlled by men, they are controlling themselves and that is a very important message I think

– Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman came on today's show to talk about whether women should want to stay in the EU or not - but the conversation ended up taking quite a different feminist turn altogether.

Piers Morgan asked the former deputy leader of the Labour Party - who campaigned for the ban on Page 3 - what her views are on female celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who say they are liberated and empowered when they post nude pictures on their social media.

Chris Eubank Jr offers Blackwell his title belt

The truth is, I ended the guy's career. I stopped him from making a living.

– Chris Eubank Jr

Yesterday we spoke to former boxer Nick Blackwell, who told us of his "disappointment" over the behaviour of the Eubanks after he was left in a week-long induced coma after a fight with Chris Jr.

He accused his opponent of partying to celebrate his win as he laid in hospital and holding a press conference against his family's wishes.

Today the champion and his father Chris Eubank joined us to address the comments made by Nick, including the accusation that Chris Snr was only advising his son to stop landing blows to his head as a tactical measure rather than out of concern for Nick's wellbeing.