Laura Tobin's forecast: Thursday 30th July

Layer up! It really is an unseasonably cold start to the day for many us, with frost across some parts of northern Scotland.

Laura Tobin who is in chilly Kendal this morning, gives us the latest forecast but says it will be getting warmer throughout the day.

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Former hunter speaks out on Cecil's sad death

There is no nice way to hunt. Socio-economics says you can't rule out hunting, you have to have hunting to control diseases and population.

– Garth Hovell

As the world remains up in arms over the death of Cecil the lion, Good Morning Britain speaks to former Zimbabwean game guide and former hunter Garth Hovell on why he believes ethical hunting is a good thing.

The American dentist who shot Cecil has gone into hiding after receiving death threats.

Almost half a million people have signed a petition calling on Zimbabwe's government to stop issuing hunting permits for endangered animals.

And while he believes Cecil's death is tragic, Garth believes there are some cases where hunting is necessary.

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Garth Hovell speaks to Ben and Kate

Has missing airliner MH370 been found?

Reunion island is consistent with oceanographers who predicted over 12 months ago the debris would end up on the east coast of Africa. The current flow and timeline is consistent with this airplane disappearing on March 8th 2014.

– Geoff Thomas

As aircraft wreckage is discovered washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean almost 4000 miles from plane's last known location, the big question is: could it be from missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?

The flight disappeared on March 8th last year with 239 people on board.

We're joined by aviation correspondent Geoff Thomas who says a serial number found on the two metre long Reunion island wreckage - believed to be from a plane's wing - could provide a significant clue.

He says: "There is a part number that has been associated with this piece which is - according to officials - part of a Boeing flaperon from the left wing."

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Have you turned on your heating?

This July Britain has experienced almost four seasons in just one month. It's certainly felt chilly in much of the country over the past few days but have you turned on your central heating? Do you bicker over whether or not to hit the switch? We want to hear from you.

Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing before 8am Thursday 30 July and we may use your comments on the show. You must be 18 or over, for terms and conditions see

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Mum's appeal for strangers who saved her baby

A mum whose two-week-old baby seemingly started choking in a supermarket wants to trace the strangers who helped save him so she can say thank you.

Charlotte Bellamy, 21, believes the three who came to her aid when baby Archie's mouth turned blue may have saved his life. She was panicking but was reassured by the strangers until the ambulance arrived and took Archie to hospital where he was diagnosed with reflux.