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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Teenagers are calling for a ban on fast food takeaway deliveries to schools! Nearly one in five 10-11 year olds are obese, and with an obesity strategy on the way this summer, young people have now had their say.

  2. Today is decision day for Britain as polling stations prepare to open for voting in the European referendum.

  3. Giraffes are facing a silent extinction according to a new documentary by Sir David Attenborough. We meet the team fighting to stop giraffes from becoming extinct as numbers have slumped to 40% over 15 years to fewer than the number of endangered African elephants.

  4. In his only TV interview, David Schwimmer has told GMB that he believes child abuse is hugely underreported in the UK.

  5. And, a shock victory for Ireland secures them a date with destiny after a late goal sets them on course to take on France in the quarter finals of the Euros.

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Where did the system fail Ellie Butler?

When Mrs Justice Hogg decided to hand Ellie Butler back to her violent father, she was warned: "You are going to have blood on your hands", according to a source.

Ellie's maternal grandfather Neal Gray, who had cared for her since she was a baby, had strongly protested against the move to award custody to her parents in the family division of the High Court.

Within months, his worst fears came true when Ben Butler killed his six-year-old daughter in a fit of rage. Ellie died on 28 October 2013 as a result of of injuries that were likened to those caused in a high-speed car crash.

How could this be allowed to happen? We spoke to former social services and child protection expert Dr Ray Jones.

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It's the secret life of Clemmie!

In honour of The Secret Life Of Pets coming out, Richard Arnold decided to show us the secret life of his own pooch Clemmie - and it seems to be just as glamorous as his!

Unfortunately, Piers thinks she could do with a bath...

The loss of innocence?

A mother who saw her daughter standing on the toilet took a cute photo, thinking it was a game... then burst into tears when the little girl told her she was practising for a "lockdown drill".

Stacey Feeley told us she was "floored" when she found out her child's pre-school had been teaching young pupils how to hide if a gun attack were to happen.

She joins us exclusively to talk about the huge reaction to the photo, which went viral after she shared on social media, and her despair that life in America has come to this.

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Jason Donovan announces new tour dates!

Pop star, actor and eigthties heart throb Jason Donovan joins GMB to discuss the success of his recent tour, and appearing in the forthcoming musical Million Dollar Quartet. Jason can also exclusively announce extra December dates for his Ten Good Reason's Tour!

Alex Beresford's Glastonbury forecast

Glastonbury wouldn't be a proper festival without a good slap of mud and I hear there's tonnes of it after the downpours over Worthy Farm earlier this week.

As long as you've got a trusty pair of wellies, a festival mac and the essential pack of wet wipes if you don't have time for a shower...a proper one that is! So, let's take it day by day and I think you'll be pretty happy...

Vote for your favourite Glastonbury moment!

We're looking back at some of Glastonbury's most iconic moments from the past 45 years as 175,000 festival goers pack their bags for the five-day extravaganza in Somerset this weekend.

From David Bowie, who played the first ever festival and returned for Glastonbury's 30th anniversary, to the highly-anticipated Rolling Stones comeback of 2013, take a look through our gallery and cast your vote below!

Please take our poll below before 8.30am on Thursday 23 June 2016.