First Look at Flushed Out

Joe Swash heads down the Trials area to see what's in store for Amir Khan's second Trial of the series, 'Flushed Out'.

The Outback Shack is open for business

Everybody's favourite Kiosk operator is back! After being dunked all afternoon, will Jennie, Dennis and Becky win some biscuits they can they get their own back on...

Vlogging 101

The Jungle is already proving to be a real education for Stanley, on today's agenda... vlogging!

Critter-Cal Rescue

Amir has faced many tough opponents, but it seems none have ever been quite as tough as our Jungle Critters

Toff and Jack: Camp romance?

It's early days in the Jungle, but are we already seeing potential sparks between our own Jungle Jack and Toff?

First Look: Amir gives Ant and Dec a fright in Critter-cal Rescue!

YOU decided that Amir and Toff would take on the very first Bucktucker Trial, Critter-cal Rescue. In this hair-raising preview Ant and Dec get a major fright when Amir grabs onto more than he bargained for...

Will Amir come through for Toff? Tune in tonight at 9pm on ITV to find out!