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A cheeky glimpse of the I'm A Celebrity... after-party!

Posh plonk or blended Bushtucker? Adam's all about the bubbles

We've had all eyes on the finalists for three wondrous weeks, so it only felt right that we let you have a little sneak peek into what happened as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

Presenting, what happened when the finalists got their hands on a real-life smartphone for the first time in forever and took lots of selfies. Classic Celebrity behaviour.

Our three lovely finalists. What a dazzling trio!

It's been three weeks without a pouty selfie, never mind a normal toilet or bath...

Jungle challenge: The great big quiz of the series!

What a beautiful three weeks it's been in the Australian Jungle. We've had terrifying Trials, blood-curdling screams, tree hugging, schooner downing, Spice Girls singing, Campmate pranking, Royal legions, KIOSK KEITH, cockroach in ear and even whispers of a revolt... but how much of this year's Jungle action do you actually remember?

Put your memory to the test and take on the final Jungle challenge for 2016... The great big quiz of the series!