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Beetle Gate...

Who would have thought such a tiny little insect could cause so much strife? Prepare for Beetle Gate as our Campmates bicker over whether or not a beetle should have been thrown on the campfire...

Prepare for LOTS more insults thrown from Lady C, who calls Tony a Dumbo, a chippy oik, a bully, a liar and the mouth of diarrhea. All in one clip! Classic Lady C.

Brian: 'I was ditched from X Factor judging panel'

It's been several days since our Campmates endured that huge argument that rocked the jungle, but it seems Lady C and Brian are now bezzies.

Here they bond over Brian's (brief) background as an X Factor Judge and how he was kicked off the judging panel by Simon Cowell to be replaced by Louis Walsh.

Whilst these two have kissed and made up though, it's clear some of the others aren't as forgiving of the jungle's first Lady, and aren't too keen on cosying up next to her for campfire chit chats...

Bushtucker Trial: Saturday Fright at the Movies

George of the Jungle tackles his very first solo Bushtucker Trial. Prepare for a cinematic extravaganza as the curtain rises on Saturday Fright at the Movies. With some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters on show, what is there not to enjoy about a night at the movies?

Oh, of course, green ants, pigs' testicles, snakes and cockroaches. Any chance we can go to a different screening?

George Shelley to star in a horror movie!

He's the Jungle heart-throb and now George is taking centre stage in our cinema themed Trial, Saturday Fright at the Movies.

Ant and Dec are kicking back with boxes of popcorn but will George put on a good show and get past the critters to win the stars?

Watch tonight's show at 9.45pm on ITV, to find out. First whet your appetite with this little teaser.