Will Jimmy and Foggy last 12 hours?

Jimmy and Foggy are set to enter our Shed of Dread, spending 12 hours overnight stranded in the middle of the jungle, in the pitch black of night. Eek!

BUT if their fellow Campmates want to reduce Jimmy and Foggy's time in our Shed of Dread (from 12 hours to six) they have the option to sacrifice some of their luxury items.

Amongst the luxury items, Mel's got tweezers, Michael's got a camping chair and Edwina's got lipstick. Are they, and all the others, prepared to sacrifice these luxury items to save Foggy and Jimmy? Have your say...

Celebrities leave the camp - plus some big dilemmas

You might've missed having I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! on your screens last night, but good things really do come to those who wait - tonight's show is packed tighter than Gillian McKeith's condiment pants. Honestly, there's barely even time for Kendra and Edwina to brood over their big argument... Here's a quick spoiler-free round-up of what you can expect...

  • A gallery so grim it will put you off art for life
  • An unlikely rap collective
  • A metaphorical pouring of the heart
  • Celebrities on the loose
  • Some big dilemmas
  • A shed of utter dread
  • A treasure hunt

Keep watching for all that and more...

Who has got what role in Camp?

There are many roles our Celebrities can take on in the Jungle, Camp Cook, Camp Entertainer, Camp Mom and Dad, but who has taken on what role this year, how important is it, and are they any good at it?

Is Michael the Camp’s ‘Dad’ or is his talent for working out challenges more suited to Camp Leader? Is Nadia the Camp Diplomat?

Everyone loves a laugh but how important is the role of Camp Entertainer and does this title automatically go to Jimmy, or are Jake and Foggy more entertaining?

We want to hear what you think. Post your comment on Facebook or contact us via @imacelebrity on Twitter and tell us who you think should have what role and why.