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The final six: before and after!

Adam went from smiley, to smilier, to SPIDER IN MOUTH!

The Jungle can certainly take its toll on our Campmates. Three weeks of braving the bush and battling the critters and they're practically unrecognisable from the sweet smelling, fresh-faced Celebrities they were when they went in.

Now we're down to the final six, let's take a look at the difference a few weeks can make, starting from the moment they first graced our screens...

Joel maintained his Jungle style, even when dressed as a giant bird

Medic Bob's Shorts: Ostriches

With legs the size of a velociraptor, ostrich George's unfriendly nature in the Critter Console should have been the least of Scarlett's worries. Ostriches are birds to be reckoned with!Hit play above and let Medic Bob tell you all about them!

8 things we learnt from Day 18

Spider on toad terror, fried chicken torment, Dingo Dollar travesties and some very exciting boy time - let's take some time to educate ourselves on the top learnings from last night's epic show...

1. Critter Console??

Critter console! Contrary to popular belief, yesterday's Trial did NOT involving consoling critters, no matter how wonderful that sounds.

2. Boys will be boys!

Oh what larks! Frolicking in the shower, pranking all through the day and all through the night, washing delicates in cooking oil - what mischief will the boys be up to next?