Bushtucker Trial: Little House on the Scary

There's a house far away in the hills of the jungle. It's a house full of stars for Camp, but also full of scary little critters!

Kendra has been chosen to search for the stars, whilst the entire house is lifted and suspended high into the air with an impressive drop below. Will it be another Bushtucker Trial epic fail for Kendra?

See Kendra win only one star in Grim Gallery

Watch Kendra's disappointing win in Cockroach Shaker

Happy Thanksgiving Kendra

Happy Thanksgiving to any American visitors! We hope you're having a lovely food-filled day. While you're tucking into your feast, please do spare a thought for our New Jersey-born gal Kendra Wilkinson, who might be missing her fill of pumpkin pie and turkey this year.

However, a jungle Thanksgiving might be closer to tradition than first imagined, so we think she'll be just fine...

Who are you backing? Galahs or Wombats?

Tonight, the Campmates go to war for the Poles Apart challenge, so we want to know whose tribe you're backing - the female Galahs or the male Wombats?

It's the boys versus the girls. Let us know who you are backing via our pole poll below...