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Quiz: Who's hogging the shower?

Viewers of I'm A Celebrity... are more than used to seeing a Celebrity scrubbing their proverbial underneath the Jungle shower. But what if we put some modesty-protecting frosted glass in the way, like in a normal bathroom? Could you still identify the soaped-up star? Give it a go...

Chain Reaction: Let the games begin!

The games have officially begun, and each team must complete the tricky Chain Reaction Challenge to stand a chance at winning immunity from the first public vote. But with team work the aim of the game, can our Campmates work together to come out on top?

Gallery: 14 first farewells...

The vote is about to open, and you guys will soon decide the first Celebrity to depart the Jungle. Who it will be is up to you, but whose company will they be in? Check out our gallery of the first Camp evictees from I'm A Celebrity... through the years:

Series 1: Uri Geller went out first. Bet he didn't predict that...