Send in your kookaburra calls... NOW!

In honour of Edwina being the worst CIA agent ever, we're on the hunt for your kookaburra calls.

It's very simple: just fire up your camera phone, film yourself screeching like a kookaburra in a jungle-style environment and then send it in to us. We might use the best on air, for guaranteed national fame*.

UPLOAD YOUR CLIPS HERE or if you use Twitter, send it to @imacelebrity with the hashtag #kookacall - and if you need inspiration, take a look at the video above!

* Not really guaranteed, but you will be on telly!

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Another new Campmate?!

Our latest Campmate is quite shockingly a large snake

– Michael

Camp's settling down to a very small dinner (thanks, y'know, to Kendra's one-star fail at the Cockroach Shaker Trial), but before they can eat, the Celebrities find themselves joined by an unexpected guest...

A spinning box of cockroaches: watch Kendra's Bushtucker Trial!

Get a look at the latest bromance blossoming in Camp - meet 'Joggy'!

Send us your pics and videos!

Got an impression of one of our new Campmates? Or do you look the spitting image of one of them maybe?!

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