Got a jungle chat-up line?

Jake's impressed us with his smooth talking to the ladies, but our resident funny man Rob wants to know what jungle-related chat-up lines you've got up your sleeve?

Here's what he's after:

* Put yourself in a jungle type setting
* Film yourself giving us your jungle chat up line and make it smooth
* Upload it here before Sunday 7 December and wait for us to fall in love

Good luck, and don't forget to tune in Sunday 23 November, ITV2 at 10.30pm to see if you make the grade!

Your pictures and videos may be used on air - please read full terms and conditions here

Send us your pics and videos!

Got an impression of one of our new Campmates? Or do you look the spitting image of one of them maybe?!

Send us your pictures and videos right now and they may even feature on our ITV2 show!

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Would you have been as helpful as Mel?

Boom! That's the sound of the CIA celebrating as they managed to swindle Mel into washing all their grimy secret challenge clothes. It is for her own good, because if Jimmy, Kendra, Edwina and Jake complete all their missions, Camp will get a delivery of care packages.

But since she doesn't know that, we're left wondering whether YOU would have been as helpful as Mel?