First look: Kendra stars in Little House on the Scary

Kendra's going up in the world in her fourth Trial of the series - Little House on the Scary.

See how many stars she picks up in the first stage of this vertiginous challenge. Can she score more than one and treat the Camp to a decent dinner?

Tune in tonight, 9pm, ITV, to find out if Kendra has a head for heights or if it's all downhill for our Trial veteran.

Is Camp in for ANOTHER disappointment?

You cheeky bunch have voted Kendra to do yet ANOTHER Trial, which means Camp could be in for another disappointing dinner!

But as our reality star faces Little House on the Scary, we're wondering if you think she can finally beat her bad run, step up her game and give her fellow Celebrities the jungle grub they're praying for?

The Shed of Dread

​In the middle of the jungle, in the pitch black of night, Foggy and Jimmy are about to spend 12 hours in our overnight challenge, Shed of Dread.

Our two Campmates won't be alone though, as there's 50,000 cockroaches and 35,000 crickets about to join the party. One thing is for sure, this night out is going to be eventful.​

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