Getting saucy in the Spa

It has to be one of the best challenges anybody in the jungle has ever had!

– We think you might be right, Edwina

The other Campmates think the CIA are off to a Dingo Dollar Challenge - the fools! - but they're actually getting treated to a relaxing session in the Jungle Spa, complete with cocktails.

Which means it's the perfect opportunity for Jake to give Kendra that massage he's been promising...

Jimmy's maybe not enjoying the massage as much as Kendra...

Bushtucker Trial: The Catacombs of Doom

I'm gonna give this Trial everything I got, and more

– Fighting talk from two-time Trialee Kendra

If you saw Kendra's very quick ride in the Bushtucker Trial Cockroach Shaker, you'll know she hasn't got the best reputation for bravery at the moment. So with a trip to the Catacombs of Doom ahead of her, can she beat her one-star score?

For the sake of the Camp's stomachs, we hope so - all she has to do is make her way through an underground set of tunnels with a bunch of critters for company. Sounds easy, right?

Got a jungle chat-up line?

Jake's impressed us with his smooth talking to the ladies, but our resident funny man Rob wants to know what jungle-related chat-up lines you've got up your sleeve?

Here's what he's after:

* Put yourself in a jungle type setting
* Film yourself giving us your jungle chat up line and make it smooth
* Upload it here before Sunday 7 December and wait for us to fall in love

Good luck, and don't forget to tune in Sunday 23 November, ITV2 at 10.30pm to see if you make the grade!

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