Big tease: Kendra's Cockroach Shaker

Our American beauty is facing a cockroach cocktail in the latest Bushtucker Trial but this time she won't be drinking it, she's part of the brew.

We grabbed a sneaky peek of Kendra getting to grips with the Cockroach Shaker - take a look and see if you think she'll be seeing stars or leaving empty handed.

Bushtucker Trial: Cockroach Shaker

Obviously you didn't think chowing down on five dishes of revolting grub in the Terror Tavern Trial (yes, we're talking ostrich foot and pig snouts) was punishment enough for Kendra, because you voted her in to the next Bushtucker Trial as well!

She'll be shaken AND stirred, but will she be able to grab enough stars to avoid a rice 'n' beans dinner?

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Bushtucker Trial: The Terror Tavern Part II

I'm not leaving a tip!

– Kendra's not impressed with the service in THIS establishment

Mmmm... there's still more to come from our bushtucker buffet for Jimmy and Kendra as they plough through their Trial. But will the sight of 'Cheesy Nach-toes' be enough to stop the team in their tracks? Or can they scoop the ten stars they're aiming to take back to Camp?

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