His BFF Gemma Collins is out, but he's in! Well, in the I'm A Celebrity... studio, that is. TOWIE straight-talker Bobby Cole Norris has been chatting away - and downing some blended cockroach concoctions - on the ITV2 panel, and we decided to give him free reign on our Twitter account, too! Here's a selection of some of your questions for Bobby...

Six things we learnt from show five

One. Jake Quickenden is even HOTTER down under...

Two. ...But his knowledge of UK politics isn't quite as hot

Three. Jimmy is STILL getting his bum out every morning

Four. Jake and Edwina can do a pretty good fist bump of their own - watch out Tinchy and Michael...

Six. And finally... you guys really have got it in for Kendra - watch her find out you voted for her to do ANOTHER Bushtucker Trial above!

See Kendra scream her head off in the Cockroach Shaker!

Send in your kookaburra calls... NOW!

In honour of Edwina being the worst CIA agent ever, we're on the hunt for your kookaburra calls.

It's very simple: just fire up your camera phone, film yourself screeching like a kookaburra in a jungle-style environment and then send it in to us. We might use the best on air, for guaranteed national fame*.

UPLOAD YOUR CLIPS HERE or if you use Twitter, send it to @imacelebrity with the hashtag #kookacall - and if you need inspiration, take a look at the video above!

* Not really guaranteed, but you will be on telly!

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Another new Campmate?!

Our latest Campmate is quite shockingly a large snake

– Michael

Camp's settling down to a very small dinner (thanks, y'know, to Kendra's one-star fail at the Cockroach Shaker Trial), but before they can eat, the Celebrities find themselves joined by an unexpected guest...

A spinning box of cockroaches: watch Kendra's Bushtucker Trial!

Get a look at the latest bromance blossoming in Camp - meet 'Joggy'!