Will Jimmy win those drinks?

His jungle pal Jake has already snagged a whopping ten dinners for his fellow Celebrities in the Critter Cube, but there's a bonus round on the way and the prize is drinks all round!

Think Jimmy will complete the Trial to win booze to go with the banquet? Or will the Campmates be left high and dry? Let us know below...

An almighty row and an appearance from... Guess Who

You! Yeah, you sat on the sofa - Kendra wants you to turn the telly on because it's time for tonight's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Okay, she's not pointing at you, she's waggling her finger at another Campmate. Yup, ROW ALERT! Keep watching to find out who's at the other end of the tongue lashing.

Don't worry, it's not all venom in the jungle... Here's what else you can look forward to tonight...

  • More Critter Cube for an unsuspecting Campmate
  • Playboy secrets - oooh la la
  • Dingo Bingo
  • Yet another Pool Party

Seriously, guess who's joining the Campmates tonight. Nope, it's not Ant or Dec or Medic Bob or Kiosk Keith. Keep guessing and stay tuned...

Your website needs you!

Hey guys, have you got a couple of minutes to help out your favourite Australian jungle-based TV show?

You have? You stars.

We'd really like to hear what you're loving or what you'd improve about the I'm A Celebrity... website this year. It'll take you a couple of minutes and we promise that there are no hidden creepy crawlies in this Trial.

Have your say here.

How to shower like a Campmate

It's a right of passage as fraught with potential pitfalls as going on your first date - the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! shower.

Campmates have embraced the Jungle bathing options during this year's show and incase any are still unsure of the etiquette, we've compiled 2014's top tips for shower success.*

*This is definitely not an excuse to post lots of shower snaps.

Act natural. Just like you would if you were showering at home. And could be seen my an audience of millions.

Jimmy faces his "worst nightmare"

After Jake's brilliant performance in the Critter Cube, Jimmy is feeling the pressure as he steps into the bonus station, Misery Match.

To make matters even worse, if he wants to wins those stars, he's going to have to get to grips with his biggest Jungle phobia. Can he take one for the team? Take a look at this teaser.

To see if Jimmy scores some stars, tune into the show at 9pm.

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OMG IAC with Ant and Dec

It's been an epic first week in the jungle, but if you could pick out one highlight as your absolute favourite moment of the past seven days, what would you choose?

We asked Ant and Dec to fill us in on their OMG moments of the week gone by...

Do you agree with Ant and Dec? Have your say below and we'll treat you to the top moment again, right here on the website, once the poll closes.