Get your Jimmy pep talks in

He's the diamond geezer perking everyone up in his own unique way, and Rob Beckett wants to know if you can do even better than Jimmy?

We want your Campmate-rousing, jungle-inspiring 'pep talks'. Can you perk up a Campmate better than Jimmy? Get pep talking, get filming, then upload it here - and we'll show the best on air.

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You talented lot! Check out these jungle artworks we've been sent

Can your grandparents rap like Michael Buerk?

It's the craze that's taking the over 70s by storm: Jungle rapping! If you suspect your grandparents can rap better than Michael, then we want to see what they've got.

Get your grandparents to fix up, bling up and film them doing their jungle rap and giving it large. Or if you're a grandparent yourself, think big, reach down and really find your inner Eminem (he's the one in the films.)

Either way, get them in to us, NOOOOOW!

UPLOAD your videos here and let the rap battle commence. Peace. Out.

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Think you can give a better pep talk than Jimmy? Give us a look then!