Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas finishes third

He invented his own language and not only stared his fear straight in the (eight) eyes he popped one in his mouth. Adam Thomas spoke to Ant & Dec about finishing in the top 3.

  • Adam Thomas

BRO, in third place it's Adam! Here's his Australian adventure

He's been one heck of a bro. Let's take a look at Adam's Jungle journey...

Adam walked into the Jungle as a boy (petrified of spiders) and left the Jungle as a man, (petrified of spiders but able to hold one in his mouth for 30 seconds). Let's take a moment to relive all of the cheeky pranks, gruesome Trials and the many unknown languages of Mr. Bushtucker Trial himself, Adam Thomas. This is his Jungle journey...

When the mere mention of walking the plank off a tall building made him pull this face


When he gifted the world a strange and mysterious language

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