Adam Thomas

Royal revenge

As the famous saying goes, a Royal never forgets, and unfortunately for Martin he's about to feel the wrath of the Royals.

Bushtucker Trial: The Bush Brewery

After a courageous display from both the Royals and the Subjects the winner was to be decided with a race over the line.

Vicious Circle: Round 1

The Campmates face their toughest Trial yet: 3,000 Cockroaches; 3,000 Crickets; 2,000 Giant Mealworms; 5 Mud Crabs; 5 Jungle Pythons; and 1 Martin.

Say what?! How to speak like Adam

His gibberish during Trials has left the nation utterly perplexed, but now thanks to our handy video above, you too can speak like Adam! Impress your family and friends this Christmas by learning the sounds and squirms of Adam Thomas gobbledygook!

  • Adam Thomas

Martin's a tree hugger

Living in the Jungle helps our Campmates become at one with nature, but it seems one Campmate in particular has really connected. What can we say, the Allotment's there for a reason...

Bushtucker Trial: Cage Rage

Under the surface of the water it's important to stay calm. Do you hear that Adam? Stay calm! Adam? ADAM?

Bushtucker Trial: The Food Factory

You would have thought after all this time in the Jungle any Campmate would be jumping for joy getting to visit a FOOD Factory! Think again... This isn't just any food factory - it's a factory filled with the most disgusting things Ant & Dec could get their mischievous mitts on, and Adam is NOT happy about it.

  • Adam Thomas

Adam invents his own language

We knew Adam was scared of spiders but he invented an amazing method of coping with the Bushtucker Food Factory...

  • Adam Thomas