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The Amir Khan Quiz

This champion boxer's been knocked out - you've determined that Amir Khan is the seventh Celebrity to leave the Jungle!
He's kept us entertained from start to finish, and we will never get tired of hearing him scream in the face of just about every critter. See how closely you were following his journey through the Jungle with the Amir Khan quiz.

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6 things we learnt from Day 20

Day 20 saw us seamlessly journey from toxic Trials, to a painting lesson, to Santa's workshop. Only on I'm A Celebrity...
Bucketloads of the slightly surreal offered us a Jungle-load of entertainment, and of course a few lessons along the way. Let's see what we gleaned on Day 20.

1. Toff is tough, so don’t suggest otherwise

It takes a lot for this ray of sunshine to get annoyed. So when we saw Toff (quite rightly) ranting in the Bush Telegraph about being underestimated for Trials because of her size, we knew she was REALLY frustrated.

“Yes I am quite small, but it doesn’t mean I’m less mighty,” she vented, telling us: “I actually don’t think muscles transpire to stars.”

“I’ve come back with full houses and really busted a gut for everyone and I’m not that big,” she reasoned.

You tell ‘em, Toff!

Amir's Jungle Journey

He put up a good fight, but boxer Amir Khan is the seventh person to leave the I'm A Celebrity... Jungle! Having never watched the show before, Amir learned the hard way just how tough those Trials can be. And just how many snakes there are in the Outback...
He's been a hugely entertaining Campmate - here's Amir's Jungle Journey.

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