Carol Vorderman

Definitive proof that Carol and Joel would make the dream couple

Joel has a Pi tattoo, Carol's a whizz with numbers. You do the maths...

Did Carol's Jungle predictions come true?

Before she swapped lavish living for a Jungle adventure, we asked Camp mama Vorders to predict the things she thought would definitely happen during her time in Camp. Question is, did they come true?

  • Carol Vorderman

Carol's time is up

Carol the Camp Mama has left Jungle and she joined Ant & Dec to talk about her time on the show.

  • Carol Vorderman

Carol's Jungle highlights

It's time to say bye to the lovely Carol! Let's relive all her best bits...

The votes are in, the public have spoken... And Carol's the next Celeb to leave Camp! During her time in the Jungle she won the mantle of Camp Mum, quickly befriended woodland creatures, made a stunning quail dinner, and bonded with her fellow Campmates over Pi. Let's take a look at all the memorable moments from Carol's stay!

When Carol smashed her first challenge by doing what she does best: counting to 60

  • Carol Vorderman

Is this our first Jungle romance?

Not quite. Kiosk Keith has forced Joel to team up with Carol to cause some mischief around Camp... unless he's secretly trying to play matchmaker?

Can Carol and Sam conquer The Hot Sc-Air Balloon?

Carol and Sam faced dizzy heights and the prospect of earth shattering lows, but did they keep their feet and heads in the air?

A groin splitting evening!

Fancy some hot chips, crisps and a classic pants split?

See what happens when our Celebs have a few sips at the Jungle Arms.

Bushtucker Trial: The Big Bush Bake Off

Scarlett and Carol join Ant & Dec in for the Big Bush Bake Off and they just can’t help but find everything hilarious, that is… until the Trial begins.