Danny Baker

Oh boy! Watch Danny Baker's Jungle highlights

Last in, first out, Danny certainly made the most of his short time in Camp. Take a look at his most memorable moments.

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Danny has been voted out! Watch his first interview

Danny Baker has become the first Campmate this year to be voted out of the Jungle! See him spill the beans on his time in Camp.

  • Danny Baker

The Royals & their Subjects

The Royals have been appointed, now it's time for the Subjects to decide which of them will wait on them hand and foot. They'll obviously send their best people... won't they?

Bushtucker Trial: Cage Rage

Under the surface of the water it's important to stay calm. Do you hear that Adam? Stay calm! Adam? ADAM?

Gloaty McGloatface

Even after a pretty close (not close at all) 6-0 win, there's some tension growing between the Blue Team and Yellow Team. Have a watch to see what Martin and Danny have to say about it all, fart noises and all...

Bushtucker Trial: Rank Tanks

Welcome to the Jungle Martin, here we have two beautiful, modern, detached tanks in an up-and-coming area. One problem is current occupants seem reluctant to leave and don’t take kindly to visitors.

Danny Baker

Occupation: TV and radio presenter
Age: 59
Phobias: None, but nobody can say how they will be if you are buried underground with cockroaches falling all over you!
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: You would have to have an ego even larger than mine to think people had any conceptions about you in the first place.
Role in the Camp: Master of all trades and entertainer. I've got an exhaustive list of anecdotes.
Miss most: Nothing!
Dream Campmate: Jennifer Aniston

  • Danny Baker