Extra Camp

Extra Camp needs you!

Calling all Jungle fans... we want to hear from you! Have you got a question you'd love to ask our Extra Camp guests? Join the chat in-studio and we may play out your video message or question live on the show.

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Meet Team Extra Camp

Who puts the Extra into Camp? Only our brand new Extra Camp presenters!

Reigning Jungle Queen Scarlett Moffatt, runner up and comedian Joel Dommett and Jungle favourite Joe Swash will be bringing you a nightly run down of all the Outback action straight after the main show.

We'll be bringing you plenty of unseen extras and the essential insider's guide to our Bushtucker Trials.

The team will be joined by celebrity guests with big opinions and as always, we want you to join the fun and debates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official app.

So make sure you grab a chicken kebab and get ready for the Jungle jokes when Extra Camp returns this autumn on ITV2.

How wicked is the Wicked Windmill? Stacey finds out!

Joel and Sam take on the stomach-turning Wicked Windmill tonight, but before we strapped them in and released the critters, we let Stacey Solomon have a good mooch around first. Did somebody say 110,000 critters?!

How close is Jungle life to Australian life?

Camp life can be a little bit of a bubble. One minute you're acting like a totally normal human being, and the next you're hugging trees and dreaming up how delicious a croc's foot would be to eat. To get us out of our Jungle bubble, we're seeking the opinions on all the top Jungle issues from those closest (quite literally) to the action. Some real Australian Australians!

How do they react when they see a spider? Would they ever wear nipple tassels? All the answers are above!

Hell or High Water? Joe gets a glimpse of the horror

Tonight we'll see Jordan and Larry tackle the Bushtucker Trial. After such a good run of success, could the Campmates be getting complacent in the quest for stars? Hmm, it's definitely not the time to be resting on their laurels because, as Joe Swash discovers, Hell or High Water looks like one of the trickiest Trials to date...

Vicky and Jamie Laing take on Pick 'N' Critz

Anything Main Camp can do, Extra Camp can do too - right? Watch as Vicky and Jamie attempt to bag 11 stars and show the Celebs what for by placing lots of critters in their mouths.

Kiosk Keith spins his wheels of steel

When we say Kiosk, you say KEITH. I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp have tempted Keith away from his shack for an hour to drop some serious Jungle beats. Wicked, wicked.