Extra Camp

Amir is reunited with THAT snake

She gave him the frght of his life in the Critical Rescue Trial so Amir was less than pleased to come face-to-face with Colette the snake again...

We on the other hand, found it HILARIOUS.

Your questions for our final three!

Toff, Iain and Jamie have made it to the Final! See them answer questions from social media in the Bush Telegraph.

Amir and Iain BFFs?

They had the craziest Jungle bromance with a proper love hate relationship. Watch Amir and Iain's friendship best bits.

Dennis clears the air

Dennis joins Scarlett to talk about Strawberry gate, chats about his time in the Jungle and his plans with Iain once their both back in the UK.

What Dennis did next

He's the very very small man, with the very big appetite. Dennis' first stop on leaving the Jungle was to the catering tent for breakfast, and then to the hotel for some snacks.

Dr Bob: German singing sensation

Move over Hasselhoff , there's a new star storming the German charts.

After capturing the hearts of viewers on German's Jungle equivalent, Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! One band has released a song featuring the baritone vocals of our very own Medic Bob (a.k.a Dr Bob to any German fans).

Why don't our Campmates forage for food?

Team Extra Camp answer some of the questions we've all been wondering, including why can't our Celebs catch their own food?

What Stanley did next

Stanley left the Jungle, and he had his sights set on one thing... breakfast!