The Shed of Dread

​In the middle of the jungle, in the pitch black of night, Foggy and Jimmy are about to spend 12 hours in our overnight challenge, Shed of Dread.

Our two Campmates won't be alone though, as there's 50,000 cockroaches and 35,000 crickets about to join the party. One thing is for sure, this night out is going to be eventful.​

Carl and Jimmy reunited with loved ones

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Guess Who with Michael and Nadia

Watch above as Michael and Nadia are challenged with playing a fun little game of Guess Who. It's all to play for though, because if they win the challenge, they win visits (yes, actual visits in the jungle) from some of their fellow Campmates' friends and families.

So maybe this game isn't so little and fun after all. It's hugely important!

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Bushtucker Trial: Jimmy in The Critter Cube

After Jake won all ten stars in our live Bushtucker Trial, The Critter Cube, Ant and Dec had a surprise for Jimmy as he was chosen to take on a bonus round, Misery Match.

Jake had won the food for Camp, but could Jimmy win boozy drinks for each Campmate to accompany dinner? It meant he would have to face his old enemy... THE PYTHON!

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