Best and worst moments...

Our final five Celebrities reflect on their time in the jungle, talking through the highs and lows of Camp life. Watch as they pick their best and worst moments from the last three weeks in the Australian bush...

Jorgie's trapped!

Poor old Jorgie has been caught in a trap and catapulted into the air, high above the trees! It's up to our Spandau Ballet frontman Tony to fire ​balls at his target​ and try to release her. Is he up to the job, or will she be stuck up there forever?

Set your alarms!

George and Ferne take part in an overnight challenge, in an attempt to win luxury breakfasts for their starving Campmates. There's more alarm clocks than you've ever seen in one room and one by one, they're all going to start ringing!

All George and Ferne have to do is turn each one off. Sounds simple... But will it be the sound of success or the alarm clock chimes of failure that'll be ringing through the air?