Bushtucker Trial: Celebrity Cyclone

It's the one Bushtucker Trial that everyone wants to do! With Celebrity Cyclone reaching its 10th anniversary, this year was going to be more difficult than ever...

Sam Quek leaves the Jungle

After 22 days spent in the Jungle Sam is the 9th Campmate to leave. She speaks to Ant & Dec about her time, and what she learnt during her stay.

The Campmates discuss their best and worst moments

The Campmates have faced a lot during their time in the Jungle. As their stay nears its end, they reminisce about what they've learnt and overcome.

Wayne's been relegated from the Jungle

Wayne went outside of his comfort zone, facing his fear of eels, spiders, cockroaches and goats. He spoke to Ant & Dec about his experience in Camp.

The Campmates perform A Jungle Tale

It's the guaranteed box office hit that everyone will want tickets to this Christmas. Introducing the Campmates 2016 musical, A Jungle Tale.

Martin leaves the Jungle

Martin has said (most of) his goodbye's and has been voted out of the Jungle. Hear what he had to say about his time in Camp with Ant & Dec.

Dingo Dollar Challenge: Holy Crab

A scuba diver and crab are fishing in a lake, stop us if you've heard this one already...

Bushtucker Trial: Knickerbocker Gory

It's awfully hot in the Jungle, and the Campmates would do anything for a nice sweet treat. Adam put himself forward for today's Knickerbocker Gory and ended up getting his just desserts.