Power to the people! What are your jungle highlights?

And now... the end is near! And as we face our final curtain, the I'm A Celebrity! NOW! crew are going to be playing a little game in Saturday's show - but before we can get our jungle jokes on, we need your help.

Cast your minds back over the last few weeks of down under-style madness and let us know what your top moments are in the polls below.

This poll is now closed. Tune in at 10.35pm ITV2 to find out how the people have spoken.

What's the best Lady C phrase?

Ollie Locke does The Heist

Ollie Locke takes on the Bushtucker Trial which flummoxed Jorgie! She only managed to retrieve 3 stars out of a possible 7, but can Chelsea's finest beat that mediocre score as he takes on The Heist?