Joel Dommett

Meet Team Extra Camp

Who puts the Extra into Camp? Only our brand new Extra Camp presenters!

Reigning Jungle Queen Scarlett Moffatt, runner up and comedian Joel Dommett and Jungle favourite Joe Swash will be bringing you a nightly run down of all the Outback action straight after the main show.

We'll be bringing you plenty of unseen extras and the essential insider's guide to our Bushtucker Trials.

The team will be joined by celebrity guests with big opinions and as always, we want you to join the fun and debates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official app.

So make sure you grab a chicken kebab and get ready for the Jungle jokes when Extra Camp returns this autumn on ITV2.

Joel reveals his three Jungle predictions

Joel might have never predicted he would get into the I'm A Celebrity... 2016 final, but what did he predict would happen in the deepest depths of the Australian Jungle? Take a look and see!

  • Joel Dommett

Joel Dommett's out the Jungle

Ahead of finding out who would be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle, Joel got to watch his best bits and talk to Ant & Dec about his stay.

  • Joel Dommett

In second place it's Joel! Relive his Jungle journey

Time to wave bye bye to Joel, but not before we check out his Jungle best bits!

Jungle Joel has had the Outback adventure of a lifetime and he's only gone and come in second place! From battling his fear of heights, to battling with Adam on who can bag the most stars in a Trial, not a day has gone by where Joel hasn't kept Camp entertained. Here's to you and your Jungle adventure, let's take a moment to relive it from the beginning...

When he couldn't laugh himself out of his fear of heights on the wobbliest plank in Australia

When the beautiful rivalry between Adam and Joel was born...

  • Joel Dommett

Bushtucker Trial: Bushtucker Bonanza

During Joel's time in the Jungle he's faced a variety of Trials but now it's time for his final one, the Bushtucker Bonanza.

  • Joel Dommett

Bushtucker Trial: Celebrity Cyclone

It's the one Bushtucker Trial that everyone wants to do! With Celebrity Cyclone reaching its 10th anniversary, this year was going to be more difficult than ever...

The Campmates discuss their best and worst moments

The Campmates have faced a lot during their time in the Jungle. As their stay nears its end, they reminisce about what they've learnt and overcome.

The Campmates perform A Jungle Tale

It's the guaranteed box office hit that everyone will want tickets to this Christmas. Introducing the Campmates 2016 musical, A Jungle Tale.