Joel Dommett

President Dommett

Troublesome twosome or Dream Duo? You voted, and Joel''s thrilled to be the Camp's next President with Adam by his side. Jadam reign supreme!

Bushtucker Trial: The Bush Brewery

After a courageous display from both the Royals and the Subjects the winner was to be decided with a race over the line.

Jungle Joel & The Jungle Jivers

After a lovely meal in Camp the Royals were treated to a show put on by their Subjects. Tonight's acts feature Danny, as the master of ceremonies, as well as performances from Jungle Joel and The Jungle Jivers.

Vicious Circle: Round 1

The Campmates face their toughest Trial yet: 3,000 Cockroaches; 3,000 Crickets; 2,000 Giant Mealworms; 5 Mud Crabs; 5 Jungle Pythons; and 1 Martin.

Joel's lucky snake escape

If you think our Celebs have secret foot spas and luxury hampers tucked away think again.

Take a look at the deadly Small-eyed Snake just inches away from a sleeping Joel.

  • Joel Dommett

Joel comes clean about THAT video

Kiosk Keith's known for asking the difficult questions in life, such as "What's Kiosk Keith's real name?", but today Keith really opened a can of worms. Watch the moment the Dingo Dollar question led to QUITE the conversation around Joel and a somewhat naughty video. We bet you'll be making the same face as Scarlett by the end of it...

  • Joel Dommett

President Moffatt

After giving some good ol' cuddles on the President's Throne, it was time for Larry to pass the mantle onto Camp's next leader: Scarlett!

Bushtucker Trial: The Great Ascent

Can Joel get in the zone and collect all 10 stars? Or is the 100 foot climb combined with his fear of heights too much of a tall order?

  • Joel Dommett