Joel Dommett

Bushtucker Trial: Wicked Windmill

The Campmates usually come back dizzy with excitement after Trials, thanks to their recent hauls. However, Sam & Joel might be returning dizzy to Camp for a different reason this time.

Is this our first Jungle romance?

Not quite. Kiosk Keith has forced Joel to team up with Carol to cause some mischief around Camp... unless he's secretly trying to play matchmaker?

It's the commute from hell!

Think your daily commute is bad? Think again, brace yourselves for the Critterdilly Line!

Week two round-up!

Adam's screams, Royals and rebels, Danny's departure and of course... "Shut up Martin".

Watch the ultimate round-up of week two in Camp.

Unseen: Ola and Joel get close and Jordan's star-struck!

Stacey Solomon's been having a right good rummage around the I'm A Celeb... tape box and has found some cracking unseen clips from Camp. Hit play above for a cheeky snippet of the action!

President Dommett

Troublesome twosome or Dream Duo? You voted, and Joel''s thrilled to be the Camp's next President with Adam by his side. Jadam reign supreme!

Bushtucker Trial: The Bush Brewery

After a courageous display from both the Royals and the Subjects the winner was to be decided with a race over the line.

Jungle Joel & The Jungle Jivers

After a lovely meal in Camp the Royals were treated to a show put on by their Subjects. Tonight's acts feature Danny, as the master of ceremonies, as well as performances from Jungle Joel and The Jungle Jivers.