Jordan Banjo

Jordan's Jungle journey

From looking like a picnic blanket to braving his fears, here's Jordan's journey...

Time is up for Jungle Jordan! He went from a man, to a MAN during his time in Camp - even learning how to wash up and make rice and beans taste night. Here's his Jungle journey for your viewing pleasure...

When he walked the wobbly plank on Day 1

When singing the Spice Girls was *just* enough to get him through the Tomb of Torment

  • Jordan Banjo

Fright At The Museum

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After spending so long in the Jungle we thought our Campmates would appreciate an afternoon of culture at the local museum. Unfortunately they didn't like it quite as much as we'd hoped. At least the rats had a nice time.

Challenge: Catch A Falling Critter

Video guidance This video contains strong language

To Catch a Falling Critter Campmates need to communicate calmly, work as a team and keep to time. With this year’s Campmates featuring dancers and sports stars, that should be simple enough… right?