Strictly come pee pee?

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to do pee pees on the trees anymore. The scent of my smell is unbelievable. The mouses love it.

– Vincent continues to find the silver lining in every cloud

Our Celebrities are in shock after discovering that Vincent had made pee pee in camp during the night.

Could there be any excuse to justify such action?

Least Prepared Contestant

Some celebs really do go into the jungle with no idea what actually happens on the show before they go in...

Sinitta screamed all the way through to her exit. Helen Flanagan refused to pretty much every trial the production team so meticulously prepared for her (hashtag "sorry not sorry")... but you voted Gillian McKeith the Least Prepared Contestant ever to enter the camp.

Wait a minute. We need to sit down. We're... sorry. Must be all this excitement. We're feeling a bit... well... woozy...

Visiting time with Medic Bob

What do you get if you mix David Attenborough's knowledge and passion with a hint of James Bond's fearlessness? Yep that's right, Medic Bob!

Our I'm A Celebrity... legend gives Jungle Spy an exclusive tour of his jungle clinic, which includes a whole host of interesting critters and wildlife all caught inside the I'm A Celebrity... Camp! Fact fans, you will LOVE this.

Go behind the scenes of a 'meaty' Trial with the crew that film it

What's in yer Kiosk Keith? Find out what's hidden at the Outback Shack...

Best Trial Screamer

The winner of Best Trial Screamer at the 2013 Jungle VIP Awards is…

… Dean Gaffney!

Beating Sinitta and even Paul Burrell to the title, The Artist Formerly Known As Robbie Jackson has officially shrieked his way into I’m A Celebrity... history.

Want to see Dean endure the Jungle Spa trial again? Course you do! Here's the clip...