5 things we learnt from I'm A Celebrity... Day 13

Following the jawdropping tirade from a certain Lady, it’s almost easy to forget that some other stuff happened. No, really. It did. Let’s shake off the string of insults and remind ourselves of some of the things we learned on Day 13…

1. George is quite the movie buff

George took on his first solo Trial, heading to the Celebrity cinema for three fiendish challenges. Cockroaches? No problem. Massive snake? Bit shaky. Green ants? Near meltdown! But our boybander absolutely nailed it, taking home 100 per cent of the available stars.

George Shelley to star in a horror movie!

He's the Jungle heart-throb and now George is taking centre stage in our cinema themed Trial, Saturday Fright at the Movies.

Ant and Dec are kicking back with boxes of popcorn but will George put on a good show and get past the critters to win the stars?

Watch tonight's show at 9.45pm on ITV, to find out. First whet your appetite with this little teaser.

Duncan Bannatyne: Before and after 11 days in the Jungle

Eleven days in the Jungle is never going to result in a fresh-faced, relaxed Campmate. But given the high drama of this particular line-up, that's even less likely!

So how has the past week-and-a-half taken its toll on Duncan Bannatyne? Has it broken him down from a mighty dragon into a simpering lizard? Take a look at his Jungle journey so far and decide for yourselves...

Let's face it, catching a helicopter is probably perfectly normal to Duncan...