Everything you need to know about Celebrity Cyclone

It's that time of year again! Let's take a look at what typically makes up Celebrity Cyclone

Get ready for one serious Celeb soaking! The Celebrity Cyclone is the Trial of all Trials, but what exactly goes into making this this legendary Celeb obstacle? We dug out all the vital facts and figures from previous years, just for your Celeb Cyclone pleasure!

It all started way back in 2006 with these three chaps...

38 Celebrities have taken on the Trial so far...

First glimpse of tonight's Celebrity Cyclone!

It's the one you've all been waiting for! The wettest and wildest Trial in the Jungle is back for 2016, and this year it's taking no prisoners.

Water is pouring, balls are flying, Celebs are falling and Ant and Dec are loving EVERY second of it. Soak up all the Celebrity Cyclone action tonight at 9.30pm on ITV.

The final four: before and after!

Adam went from smiley, to smilier, to SPIDER IN MOUTH!

The Jungle can certainly take its toll on our Campmates. Three weeks of braving the bush and battling the critters and they're practically unrecognisable from the sweet smelling, fresh-faced Celebrities they were when they went in.

Now we're down to the final six, let's take a look at the difference a few weeks can make, starting from the moment they first graced our screens...

Joel maintained his Jungle style, even when dressed as a giant bird

Did Wayne's Jungle predictions come true?

The unofficial Camp screamer, who was pretty much afraid of everything (including goats) had the adventure of a lifetime in Australia, but did his Jungle predictions come true? We asked Wayne to predict the three main things he thought would definitely happen during his time Down Under. Take a peek at what he said.

Wayne's Jungle Highlights

Time for Wayne to say his Jungle goodbyes! Join us on a walk down memory lane...

He munched on critters, took on a croc, braved a skydive and made us all very, very teary. Wayne, you've been a star but your time in the Jungle is sadly up! Let's take a moment to relive his Jungle adventure...

When skydiving into Camp felt less than ideal

When things got a bit emotional around the Camp fire with Larry

Marvel at Martin's Jungle best bits!

Bye bye Martin! Here's all your Jungle best bits...

With a heavy heart we wave goodbye to Martin! A disposed royal and sulky subject, he was best known for his dislike of rice and beans, having a real good moan about almost everything and being told to SHUT UP MARTIN by almost every Campmate. Take a look at his Jungle journey...

When he hugged a tree, and he liked it

When he brought the first argument to Camp and bickered with Danny like an old married couple

Adam gets his just desserts in Knickerbocker Gory

Forget whipped cream, strawberries and delicious chunks of meringue, tonight's Knickerbocker Gory has just the one ingredient - thousands and thousands of Jungle critters!

Hit play above for your first look at tonight's rancid Trial!

Medic Bob's Shorts: Ostriches

With legs the size of a velociraptor, ostrich George's unfriendly nature in the Critter Console should have been the least of Scarlett's worries. Ostriches are birds to be reckoned with!Hit play above and let Medic Bob tell you all about them!