Larry Lamb

Larry talks with Ant & Dec

Larry has left the Jungle! He joined Ant & Dec in the studio to discuss what he'd learnt from his time in Camp, and spoke about his relationship with Martin.

  • Larry Lamb

Relive Larry's Jungle adventure!

Bye Larry! Here's to you and your Jungle journey...

Larry Lamb. The man, the legend, the Campmate. If he wasn't rescuing his Campmates or providing a shoulder to cry on, he was lighting the fire, losing his way in the middle of the night or attempting to cook some food in less than four or five hours. It's been a blast, Larry! Let's have a look at his adventure Down Under...

When it was only Day 1 and he'd already reenacted a scene from Titanic

When he comforted Camp and admitted to crying at everything, even the opening of a supermarket

  • Larry Lamb

Dingo Dollar Challenge: Something Fishy

It's been a tough day for Larry, so we're sure a nice relaxing day spent fishing would be ideal. Nothing possibly ruin this, could it?

Bushtucker Trial: Hell Or High Water

Jordan was more than happy to put himself forward for today's Trial. With a name like Hell Or High Water there wouldn't be snakes... would there?

Larry Vs Martin: The final straw

It was the straw that broke the camel's back as Martin's meddling finally got too much for Larry. He gave the property presenter a piece of his mind but did he go too far?

Martin's revolting

After experiencing life as a Royal, Martin is struggling with adjusting back to his old lifestyle... but he has a plan.

Disappearing Dingo Dollars

With the Camp being treated to 11 stars worth of food, they couldn't have anything to complain about... could they?

10 times Larry and Scarlett's friendship was EVERYTHING

Larry and Scarlett: a true Jungle friendship!

Every now and then, a truly special friendship is formed in the middle of the Australian Jungle that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This time, it was Larry and Scarlett. Here's to all the times they made us feel better about the world and 2016 in general in the Jungle...

When TV watcher met TV actor and they got on BRILLIANTLY

When Larry gave Scarlett a helping hand with her canoe