Lisa Snowdon

Lisa leaves the Jungle: Here's her interview with Ant & Dec

The boys caught up with Lisa to talk to her about her time in the Jungle, from what it's like to share Camp with Martin to managing the influx of Bushtucker prize food!

  • Lisa Snowdon

Relive Lisa's Jungle jaunt!

It's goodbye to Lisa! Let's take a journey through her Jungle adventure...

It's goodbye to the lovely Lisa Snowdon! She was a model Campmate, but our happy camper is now taking a walk over the Jungle bridge straight back to reality. Join us as we take a (cat)walk through her adventures Down Under...

When she remained as cool as a cucumber (despite plummeting to the ground at over 120mph)

  • Lisa Snowdon

Knights In Muddy Armour go into battle

An opportunity for the Subjects to attend the coveted Royal Banquet has arisen.
To win a seat at the table they must be the first to dig three stars out of the mud, much to the amusement of the Royals.

Bushtucker Trial: Gates To Hell

It's the final fight for immunity. Who will be the first down the shaft, and who will join the rest of Main Camp to have their Jungle fate decided?

Kiosk Keith moves house

Kiosk Keith's moving on up in the world. No - quite literally: he's moving to a house at the top of the hill. With so much stuff our Keith needed a helping hand, and who better to help than Lisa and Wayne?

Team bonding at Rancid Retreat

Who said you can't have fun in a jacuzzi full of fish guts? The Blue Team show that even in the face of adversity (and smelly water) you can have a good hug and a giggle.

Jungle Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Sporting the very latest in Jungle fashion, the girls turn boredom into productivity to make Camp their very own catwalk. Red trousers and Jungle hats available at all good retailers, and by all good retailers we mean Kiosk Keith.

Jordan’s second Trial

If facing one Trial in a day wasn’t enough, Jordan's new position in Camp meant he had to face a second… Cooking dinner. Thankfully the entire Camp were super supportive and really helped put him at ease. Sort of.