Martin Roberts

Martin's revolting

After experiencing life as a Royal, Martin is struggling with adjusting back to his old lifestyle... but he has a plan.

Martin's fall from grace

After a gallant effort, Martin lost his throne Ola Jordan. Luckily he took becoming a Subject really well...

Royal revenge

As the famous saying goes, a Royal never forgets, and unfortunately for Martin he's about to feel the wrath of the Royals.

Martin struggles in the 300th Bushtucker Trial

It's a basic rule, never mix your drinks - especially blended flies with blended cockroaches.

  • Martin Roberts

The Royals & their Subjects

The Royals have been appointed, now it's time for the Subjects to decide which of them will wait on them hand and foot. They'll obviously send their best people... won't they?

Vicious Circle: Round 1

The Campmates face their toughest Trial yet: 3,000 Cockroaches; 3,000 Crickets; 2,000 Giant Mealworms; 5 Mud Crabs; 5 Jungle Pythons; and 1 Martin.

Martin: Live from the Bush Telegraph

Catch Martin answering your questions directly from the Bush Telegraph.

Ps - don't mention rice and beans!

  • Martin Roberts

Martin's a tree hugger

Living in the Jungle helps our Campmates become at one with nature, but it seems one Campmate in particular has really connected. What can we say, the Allotment's there for a reason...