Jungle challenge: The great big quiz of the series!

What a beautiful three weeks it's been in the Australian Jungle. We've had terrifying Trials, blood-curdling screams, tree hugging, schooner downing, Spice Girls singing, Campmate pranking, Royal legions, KIOSK KEITH, cockroach in ear and even whispers of a revolt... but how much of this year's Jungle action do you actually remember?

Put your memory to the test and take on the final Jungle challenge for 2016... The great big quiz of the series!

Quiz: Who said that?!

The end of I'm A Celebrity... will soon be in sight, but don't shed a tear just yet Jungle lovers, it just means you get to lord your 2016 Jungle knowledge over your nearest and dearest for a good few days with these nifty quizzes.

Think you know your Scarlett sayings from Wayne's words? Take the Who Said That?! quiz and see if you can match the Campmate to the quote!

Jungle challenge: How much do you remember about Day 17?

Day 17 was chock-a-block with juicy Jungle antics. There were tears, disastrous Trials, fantasy dinner dates and even a spot of fishing! Were your eyes glued to the telly or did you miss some vital Day 17 information? Take on today's Jungle challenge to find out just how much you remember about last night's Jungle action!