Jungle Quiz: How much do you remember about Day 17?

Day 17 saw our Celebs attempt the Temple Of Gloom for the second time - from which Dennis emerged victorious. Stanley impressed us all with his diving skills, and our Campmates took the Rank Taxi to the pub, which provided a glorious evening of entertainment for all involved before we waved goodbye to Vanessa as she left the Jungle. See what you can remember about the details with our Day 17 quiz.

The Becky Vardy Quiz

She was third to leave thanks to your votes, and Becky Vardy certainly made a big impression during her time in the Jungle. How much did you learn about this glamorous Campmate? Take the quiz and see if you're made of the tough stuff like Mrs V.

The Kezia Dugdale Quiz

How closely did you follow Kezia Dugdale's journey through the Jungle? Your votes meant that the politician was the second to leave Camp, but she came up against some tough opponents on the way - including giant spiders, an inflatable crocodile, and being tasked to drink bull's penis. Test your knowledge of all things Kez with this quiz.

The Shappi Khorsandi Quiz

She kept us highly entertained with her cheery outlook and was happy to take the role of mum, always looking out for her fellow Celebs. She was the first Campmate out of the Jungle, but how well did you get to know Shappi on her I'm A Celebrity... journey? Take the quiz and find out...

Jungle Quiz: How much do you remember about Day 14?

Day 14 was the day Dennis took the plunge on his first Bushtucker Trial. The Tortuous Tanks proved quite the challenge for him and best mate Jamie, who brought home a respectable six stars which allowed the Celebs to dine on... croc's feet. Things proved tough at the top for Iain when his fear of heights got the better of him in the Dingo Dollar Challenge, and Toff was announced as the new Prime Minister. But what else happened on Day 14? Take the quiz and see if you can remember...