Sam Quek

A groin splitting evening!

Fancy some hot chips, crisps and a classic pants split?

See what happens when our Celebs have a few sips at the Jungle Arms.

Sam: Live from the Bush Telegraph!

Who snores the loudest? What's the food *really* like? Catch Sam answering your questions directly from the Bush Telegraph.

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The Jungle Spa

The Jungle Spa's officially open! It's pretty steamy... The Campmates get hands on one-another and Larry continues to impress with his wide-ranging knowledge on, well, everything.

Jungle Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Sporting the very latest in Jungle fashion, the girls turn boredom into productivity to make Camp their very own catwalk. Red trousers and Jungle hats available at all good retailers, and by all good retailers we mean Kiosk Keith.

Bushtucker Trial: Tomb Of Torment

After Jordan, Scarlett, Ola & Sam were unsuccessful in their opening challenges, they were given the mantle of facing the most critters ever used in a Bushtucker Trial. They didn’t so keen on the idea. We don’t know what all the fuss was about, the critters just wanted to welcome them all to the Jungle.

Sam & Wayne skydive

It wouldn’t be I’m A Celebrity… without the Campmates facing their fears before they’ve even arrived in Camp. Can Sam Quek save Ola Jordan & Wayne Bridge save Joel by holding their nerve at 10,000ft?

Quiz: How much do you know about Sam Quek?

Sam quickly became a household name after an incredible penalty shootout at the Rio Olympics, but there's much more to this sporty lass than that. Give this quiz a shot if you think you can win gold on Quek trivia!

Top tip: watch the video above for some clues. Our lips are sealed.

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Sam Quek

Occupation: Hockey player
Age: 28
Phobias: Cockroaches, spiders and anything small
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: That I'm not a hard, emotionless athlete. I do have emotions
Role in the Camp: The fun games initiator
Miss most: Contact with the outside world and not being able to speak to my boyfriend and family
Dream Campmate: Nicole Scherzinger

  • Sam Quek