Sam Quek

The Jungle Spa

The Jungle Spa's officially open! It's pretty steamy... The Campmates get hands on one-another and Larry continues to impress with his wide-ranging knowledge on, well, everything.

Bushtucker Trial: Tomb Of Torment

After Jordan, Scarlett, Ola & Sam were unsuccessful in their opening challenges, they were given the mantle of facing the most critters ever used in a Bushtucker Trial. They didn’t so keen on the idea. We don’t know what all the fuss was about, the critters just wanted to welcome them all to the Jungle.

Sam & Wayne skydive

It wouldn’t be I’m A Celebrity… without the Campmates facing their fears before they’ve even arrived in Camp. Can Sam Quek save Ola Jordan & Wayne Bridge save Joel by holding their nerve at 10,000ft?

Sam Quek

Occupation: Hockey player
Age: 28
Phobias: Cockroaches, spiders and anything small
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: That I'm not a hard, emotionless athlete. I do have emotions
Role in the Camp: The fun games initiator
Miss most: Contact with the outside world and not being able to speak to my boyfriend and family
Dream Campmate: Nicole Scherzinger

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