Scarlett Moffatt

Meet Team Extra Camp

Who puts the Extra into Camp? Only our brand new Extra Camp presenters!

Reigning Jungle Queen Scarlett Moffatt, runner up and comedian Joel Dommett and Jungle favourite Joe Swash will be bringing you a nightly run down of all the Outback action straight after the main show.

We'll be bringing you plenty of unseen extras and the essential insider's guide to our Bushtucker Trials.

The team will be joined by celebrity guests with big opinions and as always, we want you to join the fun and debates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official app.

So make sure you grab a chicken kebab and get ready for the Jungle jokes when Extra Camp returns this autumn on ITV2.

Were Scarlett's Jungle predictions spot on?

Before your Queen of the Jungle stepped foot inside Camp all those weeks ago, Scarlett channelled her inner Mystic Meg to predict the three things that would definitely happen during her time in the Jungle. How accurate were her predictions? Take a peek above!

  • Scarlett Moffatt

And the winner is...

What a series! After 23 days in Camp, Ant & Dec finally had the pleasuring of announcing this years Queen of the Jungle... Scarlett Moffatt!

  • Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt leaves the Jungle

After 23 days in the Jungle Scarlett and Joel were the last to leave Camp. She finally gets to spend some time with her favourite Geordies and look back on her Jungle journey.

  • Scarlett Moffatt

Our Queen of the Jungle is Scarlett! Here are her highlights

From watching TV to winning that Jungle crown, here's Scarlett's Jungle journey...

Queen the Jungle (and of hilarious soundbites), we're really going to miss Scarlett. During her time in the Jungle she met some childhood heroes, proved she can boss through an eating challenge, AND became 2016's Queen of the Jungle. How do choc nip cookies taste in comparison to Nutella scotch eggs, Scarlett? Come along with us as we relieve some of her best moments in Camp!

When she instantly became friends with everyone in Camp

When she pulled some AMAZING faces during the Big Bush Bake Off

  • Scarlett Moffatt

Bushtucker: Cavern Of Claws

Since Scarlett's first Trial, she's made it no secret that she's scared of small enclosed spaces. For her final Trial she will have to face that fear one more time, when she visits Cavern Of Claws.

  • Scarlett Moffatt

The Campmates discuss their best and worst moments

The Campmates have faced a lot during their time in the Jungle. As their stay nears its end, they reminisce about what they've learnt and overcome.

Bushtucker Trial: Critter Console

Games can be addictive, but we have a strong feeling that Scarlett won't want to play any of these again.

  • Scarlett Moffatt