Scarlett Moffatt

Fright At The Museum

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After spending so long in the Jungle we thought our Campmates would appreciate an afternoon of culture at the local museum. Unfortunately they didn't like it quite as much as we'd hoped. At least the rats had a nice time.

10 times Larry and Scarlett's friendship was EVERYTHING

Larry and Scarlett: a true Jungle friendship!

Every now and then, a truly special friendship is formed in the middle of the Australian Jungle that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This time, it was Larry and Scarlett. Here's to all the times they made us feel better about the world and 2016 in general in the Jungle...

When TV watcher met TV actor and they got on BRILLIANTLY

When Larry gave Scarlett a helping hand with her canoe

The first Camp President

The Campmates had three attempts to match the results of the public vote, which decided who became the Camp’s first President. Sounds simple enough, right? Watch to find out if the Celebs managed to work out who came out on top.