Scarlett Moffatt

Team bonding at Rancid Retreat

Who said you can't have fun in a jacuzzi full of fish guts? The Blue Team show that even in the face of adversity (and smelly water) you can have a good hug and a giggle.

Bushtucker Trial: The Big Bush Bake Off

Scarlett and Carol join Ant & Dec in for the Big Bush Bake Off and they just can’t help but find everything hilarious, that is… until the Trial begins.

Jungle Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Sporting the very latest in Jungle fashion, the girls turn boredom into productivity to make Camp their very own catwalk. Red trousers and Jungle hats available at all good retailers, and by all good retailers we mean Kiosk Keith.

The first Camp President

The Campmates had three attempts to match the results of the public vote, which decided who became the Camp’s first President. Sounds simple enough, right? Watch to find out if the Celebs managed to work out who came out on top.

The Fantastic Four

We knew that Ola & Jordan could dance, but they cut some serious shapes when they finally made it out of the Tomb of Torment

Bushtucker Trial: Tomb Of Torment

After Jordan, Scarlett, Ola & Sam were unsuccessful in their opening challenges, they were given the mantle of facing the most critters ever used in a Bushtucker Trial. They didn’t so keen on the idea. We don’t know what all the fuss was about, the critters just wanted to welcome them all to the Jungle.

Larry saves the day!

It started as a picturesque paddle through the Jungle, but it ended up with both Celebrities in the water. Thankfully Scarlett was wearing suitable attire for her Jungle debut... Ahem.

Quiz: How much do you know about Scarlett Moffatt?

Scarlett says she's best known for sitting on a sofa and watching the telly, but perhaps your Moffatt knowledge goes well beyond the living room? Only one thing for it, take the quiz below and see if you know all about Scarlett.

Hint: Click play above for a few helpful pointers...

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