Vicky Pattison

Q is for Queen Vicky

All the ways the Jungle Queen ticks our boxes

She'll be handing her crown over to a new champ very soon, but in the meantime... ALL HAIL QUEEN VICKY!

In Jungle history the odds are always stacked against the newbies, so the Geordie Shore star had a tougher job than most. But it took her all of two seconds for Campmates and viewers alike to fall in love. And here are just a few of the reasons why...

Queen Vicky chats to Laura

Moments after being crowned the Queen of the Jungle, Vicky joined us in the ITV2 studio to chat all about her time in Camp. Here's what she had to say about her jungle victory!

  • Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison is crowned Queen of the Jungle

You voted, and your I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! winner for 2015 is none other than Vicky Pattison!

She survived weeks in the wilderness, a diet consisting of a worrying amount of rice and beans, and more green ant bites than you could humanly count, but it all paid off! Vicky was announced as the new Queen of the Jungle, ahead of runner-up George Shelley.

Taking the figurative bronze medal was Ferne McCann, though all three of our finalists ought to be mighty proud of themselves. Now, off to the Versace, the three of you, for a well-deserved feed and a much-needed shower! (Seriously though, maybe do the shower part first.)

Thanks for watching, voting and contributing this year - you guys have been great. And finally, all hail Vicky, your Queen of the Jungle!

  • Vicky Pattison

Ferne, George and Vicky tuck into the last supper

Vicky, George and Ferne gather round the campfire for their final supper before one of them is crowned King or Queen of the Jungle. They've won themselves a luxury dinner including lamb moussaka and lasagna. Watch as they tuck in to their first proper grub in three weeks, but find an uninvited guest is joining them...

Vicky crawls through Surf and Turf

Can Vicky crawl her way through snakes, spiders, cockroaches and eels in order to unlock those all important stars? If she can win stars in this, her final Bushtucker Trial, she'll contribute food and drink to our Campmates' final feast.

Super Celebrity Stats! Your finalists in numbers...

We’ve arrived at the final! It’s been a testing few weeks for the Celebrities, but for the remaining three, the finish line is well within sight. The question is: which of them will be first to cross it? That’s up to YOU – so to help you make that decision, here’s some stats that break down George, Ferne and Vicky’s Jungle prowess…