Wayne Bridge

Did Wayne's Jungle predictions come true?

The unofficial Camp screamer, who was pretty much afraid of everything (including goats) had the adventure of a lifetime in Australia, but did his Jungle predictions come true? We asked Wayne to predict the three main things he thought would definitely happen during his time Down Under. Take a peek at what he said.

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Wayne's Jungle Highlights

Time for Wayne to say his Jungle goodbyes! Join us on a walk down memory lane...

He munched on critters, took on a croc, braved a skydive and made us all very, very teary. Wayne, you've been a star but your time in the Jungle is sadly up! Let's take a moment to relive his Jungle adventure...

When skydiving into Camp felt less than ideal

When things got a bit emotional around the Camp fire with Larry

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Bushtucker Trial: Panic Pipeline

In this terrifying Trial Wayne gets up close and personal with a HUGE crocodile, gets tangled up in giant spider webs, and struggles to grab stars against gushing water. Will our sportsman score all 11 stars?

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