Wayne Bridge

Wayne's been relegated from the Jungle

Wayne went outside of his comfort zone, facing his fear of eels, spiders, cockroaches and goats. He spoke to Ant & Dec about his experience in Camp.

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Did Wayne's Jungle predictions come true?

The unofficial Camp screamer, who was pretty much afraid of everything (including goats) had the adventure of a lifetime in Australia, but did his Jungle predictions come true? We asked Wayne to predict the three main things he thought would definitely happen during his time Down Under. Take a peek at what he said.

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Martin leaves the Jungle

Martin has said (most of) his goodbye's and has been voted out of the Jungle. Hear what he had to say about his time in Camp with Ant & Dec.

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Wayne's Jungle Highlights

Time for Wayne to say his Jungle goodbyes! Join us on a walk down memory lane...

He munched on critters, took on a croc, braved a skydive and made us all very, very teary. Wayne, you've been a star but your time in the Jungle is sadly up! Let's take a moment to relive his Jungle adventure...

When skydiving into Camp felt less than ideal

When things got a bit emotional around the Camp fire with Larry

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Dingo Dollar Challenge: Holy Crab

A scuba diver and crab are fishing in a lake, stop us if you've heard this one already...

Dingo Dollar Challenge: Just Kidding

This year our Campmates have faced some of their biggest fears. They've placed spiders in their mouths, swam with crocodiles but now they face their ultimate fear... herding goats.

Bushtucker Trial: Panic Pipeline

In this terrifying Trial Wayne gets up close and personal with a HUGE crocodile, gets tangled up in giant spider webs, and struggles to grab stars against gushing water. Will our sportsman score all 11 stars?

  • Wayne Bridge

The Campmates celebrate Wayne's son's birthday

Thought Scarlett sitting on Larry's lap was the cutest thing you'd see on I'm A Celebrity...? WRONG. Our lovely Celebs used their Dingo Dollars and a genius mud cake creation to hold a surprise birthday party for Wayne's oldest son. Content warning: expect tears.