Luxury Items: What do the Celebs wish they could pack?

Camp life means stripping things back to basics, and unfortunately for our Celebs, that means waving goodbye to everything from central heating to social media.

So, if they were heading into a Jungle with no rules (Ha! They wish), what luxury items would the Campmates pack?

Jennie is dreading life without a good brew!

Locking out the critters and snakes to get a good night’s sleep? Jack’s onto something here.

Jungle Karaoke: What would our Celebs play on repeat?

When our Celebs aren’t busy doing Bushtucker Trials or Dingo Dollar Challenges, they’ll have to keep themselves entertained! Luckily, our Campmates include a popstar, a comedian and a drama queen or two…

If the Celebs could play just one song on repeat while in the jungle, what would it be?

For. Everything. A. Reason. Jamie might need to remember those lyrics when he’s mid-way through a Trial!

Toff knows exactly how to get a party started...

Dream Campmates: Who would the Celebs love to see in Camp?

As the saying goes: ‘You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose the Celebrities you’ll be camping out with’.

Friendships, love and bromances have all been known to blossom under the Aussie sun, but it can get frosty Down Under! Sometimes our Celebs find themselves teamed up with people who aren’t *quite* their cup of tea!

We asked the Celebrities who they'd love to share a Camp with…

Cute choice, Stanley. We’d be barking mad to let a dog take on the Celebrity Cyclone though!

Who better to help Shappi handle the crocs and critters than ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ himself?

Jungle Phobias: What creeps out our Campmates?

For some Celebrities, the Jungle is all about facing and conquering their biggest fears. For others, it’s about facing their fears, panicking… and shouting “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”

We asked the Campmates what’s most likely to get them screaming Down Under…

Oh dear. Vanessa might have a few problems in Camp…

Stanley’s done his research! Keep those things away from him

The Jungle Diet: What treats will our Celebs miss most?

Life is an endless stream of Champagne and canapés when you’re a famous face, so our Celebs will be in for a shock when they’re forced onto a very strict Jungle diet!

We asked the Campmates which tasty treats they’ll be dreaming of while tucking into their rations of rice, beans… and testicles.

Amir’s smiling now, but wait until he sees what we’ll be dropping down into Camp each night…

Other brands of buttons and biscuits are available, just not for Dennis