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The jungle is rocked by a HUGE argument

There's trouble in Camp. Big, fat trouble. Lady C is annoyed at Brian, Brian is annoyed at Lady C, Tony and Duncan are picking a fight with Kieron and Chris, Yvette is losing it with Lady C... It's quite simply ALL kicking off!

Whoever would have thought our luxurious Jungle Boutique Hotel would cause so much of a stir? And there was us thinking it was a treat for the Campmates... It seems Tony and Jorgie's decision not to serve Chris, Lady C and Kieron in their luxury hotel has massive consequences.

What is he thinking? The many faces of George Shelley

Is this a smoulder or a sulk? Let's stare into those big brown eyes and try to read George's faces.

We're 10 days into the show which means our Jungle heartthrob George Shelley has spent around 240 hours wandering around Camp looking handsome and contemplative and much like he is in a very beautiful catalogue advertising outward bound gear.

He's also aced his Air Scare Challenge, formed a mighty threesome with Jorgie and Brian and cried on Susannah's shoulder but let's not get bogged down with details.

We've been studying these dishy new pictures of George very closely (it's a tough job but someone's got to do it) to try and get to the bottom of our boyband Campmate...

The big critter quiz

You've been following the antics of the Campmates but what about their co-stars? No, not Ant and Dec - we're talking about the critters. Since there wouldn't be a show without those cuties, we've dedicated an entire quiz to them.

Get better acquainted with the cockroaches, pythons and the rest of the gang by giving it a whirl...

Ouch! Why's Brian so crabby?

Brian was your choice for tonight's Bushtucker Trial - Critter Shop of Horrors and it looks like he needs to work on his customer service.

Watch what happened when Brian tried to move a whole load of crabs form case-to- case.

Can he claw back a full 12 stars or will he be scuttling home empty handed. Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out.