24 hours in two minutes

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello what's going on here? It's another healthy helping of previously unseen footage direct from the Camp to you, crammed into just two short minutes.

Get a look at a dinosaur in Camp, meet King Jimmy and check out Michael and Tinchy being totally rap-tastic all in the last 24 hours!

Go behind the scenes with the critters in Medic Bob's office

Don't miss Ant and Dec tell us their OMG moment of the week

Bob's Office uncovered

Medic Bob's office isn't just the place where the I'm A Celebrity... team go to get their big bites seen to - it's also home to all manner of weird and wonderful critters and jungle creatures.

So in the interest of education we snuck in to take a few snaps of exactly what lives inside those four walls!

Spiders and snakes where we prefer to see them: safely housed in specimen containers!

Keep sending your stuff!

Cork hats off to the sheer dedication of this I'm A Celebrity... fan who has taken the jungle call to a whole new level!

We just can't get enough of your stuff, whether it's your Jungle calls, foggy falls, your Mel yells or your amazing art work - so keep sending us all your jungle related creations and who knows, you could even find yourself the star of Rob's Bit....

Upload your stuff here and remember, think BIG. Take a jungle idea and run with it, just like this lady. Are you up to the challenge?

Unseen footage! 24 hours of Camp life crammed into two minutes

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ITV2 Exclusive: Jimmy and Foggy for Shed of Dread

We love an exclusive here on ITV2, especially when it's about one of scariest challenges, so we're beside ourselves to announce that Jimmy and Foggy will be stepping up to the helm to do the overnight challenge, Shed of Dread!

They've got one of the best bromances in Camp, but can they work together as a team to face their fears and win big? Here's hoping...

How do you think they'll get on? @imacelebrity or leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think. The best comments will be read out on the show.

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