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The Great Big I'm A Celebrity... Jungle Quiz 2017!

What an unbelievable three weeks it's been. We've watched our Celebs handle terrifying Trials, pierce the Jungle canopy with their screams, leap into the unknown, ALMOST persuade Kiosk Keith to crack a smile, suffer supreme hunger and of course, it all very nearly went sour over a few strawberries and some cream. But how much of this year's Jungle action do you remember?

Test your knowledge and relive the highlights and low blows of this year's unforgettable series with The Great Big I'm A Celebrity... Jungle Quiz 2017!

Toff's Jungle Journey

Three cheers for our tough Toff, your new Queen of the Jungle!

Take a peek through her Jungle highs and... well highs.

Jamie's Jungle Journey

It's been one hell of a Jungle Journey for Jamie. From educating Stanley to the ways of Hollyoaks to facing some of his biggest fears and of course some life long bromances.

Here's Jamie's juiciest Jungle gems.

In Pictures: Toff's Outback adventure

She's an absolute ray of sunshine whose spirit cannot be dampened - your votes have crowned Toff your Jungle Queen of 2017!

She's small but mighty with a huge amount of determination. Not only did she triumph in the eating Trial, but took the drinking Trial down too - and somehow came out with that unmistakable smile on her face. Let's relive Toff's adventure from the very start.

In awe as she met Stanley Johnson

Toff proved she had some guts from Day 1

In Pictures: Jamie's Outback adventure

He's a tough nut who handled every challenge that was thrown at him... your votes have decided that soap star Jamie Lomas is your runner up!

He faced his share of setbacks, like being made to survive the longest on rice and beans and losing out on his email from home. But Jamie gave it his all at every Trial and was a major team player - let's relive his adventure from the start.

Looking relaxed as he entered the luxury villa...

...But things soon got VERY shaky

He was made to suffer in Snake Rock

Iain Lee's Jungle Journey

We've fitted three weeks of Iain's biggest moments in just a few minutes.

Here's everything you need to know about Mr Lee's Jungle Journey.

The last supper

It's the moment they've all been waiting for. Watch our Final three enjoy their truly fabulous feast.