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Joel Dommett's out the Jungle

Ahead of finding out who would be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle, Joel got to watch his best bits and talk to Ant & Dec about his stay.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 Highlights

What a year it's been! Relive the last three weeks in a handy four minute montage...

Adam Thomas finishes third

He invented his own language and not only stared his fear straight in the (eight) eyes he popped one in his mouth. Adam Thomas spoke to Ant & Dec about finishing in the top 3.

Our Queen of the Jungle is Scarlett! Here are her highlights

From watching TV to winning that Jungle crown, here's Scarlett's Jungle journey...

Queen the Jungle (and of hilarious soundbites), we're really going to miss Scarlett. During her time in the Jungle she met some childhood heroes, proved she can boss through an eating challenge, AND became 2016's Queen of the Jungle. How do choc nip cookies taste in comparison to Nutella scotch eggs, Scarlett? Come along with us as we relieve some of her best moments in Camp!

When she instantly became friends with everyone in Camp

When she pulled some AMAZING faces during the Big Bush Bake Off

In second place it's Joel! Relive his Jungle journey

Time to wave bye bye to Joel, but not before we check out his Jungle best bits!

Jungle Joel has had the Outback adventure of a lifetime and he's only gone and come in second place! From battling his fear of heights, to battling with Adam on who can bag the most stars in a Trial, not a day has gone by where Joel hasn't kept Camp entertained. Here's to you and your Jungle adventure, let's take a moment to relive it from the beginning...

When he couldn't laugh himself out of his fear of heights on the wobbliest plank in Australia

When the beautiful rivalry between Adam and Joel was born...

Bushtucker: Cavern Of Claws

Since Scarlett's first Trial, she's made it no secret that she's scared of small enclosed spaces. For her final Trial she will have to face that fear one more time, when she visits Cavern Of Claws.

Bushtucker Trial: Bushtucker Bonanza

During Joel's time in the Jungle he's faced a variety of Trials but now it's time for his final one, the Bushtucker Bonanza.

BRO, in third place it's Adam! Here's his Australian adventure

He's been one heck of a bro. Let's take a look at Adam's Jungle journey...

Adam walked into the Jungle as a boy (petrified of spiders) and left the Jungle as a man, (petrified of spiders but able to hold one in his mouth for 30 seconds). Let's take a moment to relive all of the cheeky pranks, gruesome Trials and the many unknown languages of Mr. Bushtucker Trial himself, Adam Thomas. This is his Jungle journey...

When the mere mention of walking the plank off a tall building made him pull this face


When he gifted the world a strange and mysterious language