Has Jake got the flirt factor?

The girls are walking about in their bikinis... and you accidentally look at their bum

– Oh you do, do you Jake?

Jake's barely been in the jungle 24 hours and he's already shaping up to be something of a Lothario... The singing star admitted in his pre-jungle interview that he loves the ladies, but we didn't realise quite how much wooing one man could fit into one day.

Take a look at our (permanently topless) Jake Quickenden Guide to Flirting and feel free to take notes.

Exercise that smooth tongue: This isn't always an easy one to carry off but whatever Jake's saying to Mel has certainly made her sit up and listen . Or perhaps it's just be that rock hard torso that's making her jaw drop?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Joggy

We have Brangelina, we have Bennifer and now we have ‘Joggy’

– Kendra coins a name for the Camp's new bromance

We've seen Michael and Tinchy bond over handshakes and helicopters, but it looks like there's a new bromance on the jungle horizon: Jimmy and Foggy have become 'Joggy'!

The two jokers are each other's biggest fans, with Carl chuckling, "I can’t breathe for laughing he’s so funny," and Jimmy admitting, "He’s infectious, I need to be around him a lot of the time". All together now.... Awwwwwwww!

Bushtucker Trial: Cockroach Shaker

Obviously you didn't think chowing down on five dishes of revolting grub in the Terror Tavern Trial (yes, we're talking ostrich foot and pig snouts) was punishment enough for Kendra, because you voted her in to the Cockroach Shaker as well!

She'll be shaken AND stirred, but will she be able to grab enough stars to avoid a rice 'n' beans dinner?

Watch Kendra and Campmate Jimmy dine out at the Terror Tavern

Get a closer look at the menu from Kendra's Terror Tavern Trial

Not. Happy.

Will Kendra bag ten stars?

Jimmy and Kendra proved to be a winning team at the Terror Tavern, scoring a full house and winning all the stars on offer.

But your votes have put Kendra on Trial yet again tonight, and she's set to tackle the Cockroach Shaker later in the show. Do you think she'll be able to win all the stars for a second time?

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